Sunday, April 24, 2011

Am I In This Alone

back home in jb for the weekend. i need a break. it's been a low in april. i need a dose of happiness. and maybe some tlc? nothing home, can't cure. who knows what else i might find here that i haven't already found. everything changes, right? life unexpected.

currently addicted to this song. hope you guys enjoy it. it took me nearly a week trying to figure out the artist and title. nearly made me go crazy. i'm like a level below curiosity killed the cat. i'd probably get checked into a mental hospital instead of an ICU.

" Normally I try to run,
And I might even want to hide,
Cause I never knew what I wanted,
Till I looked into your eyes.
So am I in this alone?
What I'm looking for is a sign,
That you feel how I feel for you,
Baby please don't let me go."

love the musical feeling of the video from the first chorus on. a day dream of sort. like a wedding. which reminds me, bring on the bride and groom next month! it's gonna be a celebration.


Flyfreak said...

I love it! Somehow it made me smile :)you're not in this alone, don't worry.Wohoo can't wait for next month!

sharman said...

awwwww i know i can count on you! thank you.

hehehe you're like the wedding planner :)