Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Worth What

i have no mood to blog anything about the "industry". everything's fine, don't worry. it's just, you know, tiring.

welcome february everyone. chinese new year is around the corner, and have no idea where i'll be to celebrate it. keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the moment :) how about you guys? what are the plans for the long weekend ahead? someone, confirm dating across the causeway la.

anyhow, the other day at the hawker, the waiter ask me what i wanted to drink. i said, "teh cina ais satu".

after awhile he returns, 100 percent looking somewhere else. so i ask, "berapa?"

he: dua ringgit.


he: ahhh. eh sorry sorry. empat puluh sen (then he sniggers)

it wasn't temporary insane inflation, or a joke. the fella was busy fixated on an ah moi. maybe he hasn't been lucky in awhile i guess. or maybe that was his version of megan fox. the love of his life he's been waiting for.

thank God he didn't drool into my drink.


vinitha said...

hw bout u,hv u been lucky?lol

sharman said...

hahahha not....... kesian kan?

Dilah said...

HAHA. i just read this post.

SO, who's the one across the causeway dating, again??

sharman said...

hahahaha... who else?!