Friday, February 26, 2010

Live Life Love Family

introducing, officially henceforth,
JoelGotGroove (JGG)
because his hair always got grooveee.
and yes,
he loves salivating his mr. green frog rattle.


let me let you in on a secret. shhhhh don't tell anyone. this is exclusive to YOU, loyal reader.

LCCT is the place to be. it's the scene. the new bangsar/zouk/mos/whatever. seriously. how else can you explain road blocks at 12 midnight on a thursday just outside LCCT? road blocks with urine test weiii... someone explain?!

don't say i never share.

" coz i was so high,
and now i'm so low,
and i don't wanna walk around alone,
solo. "

-addicted to: iyaz "solo"-


Julia Syalina said...

so cuteeee!
who is dat?
ur nephew?

sharman said...

NO LA THAT'S ME! i know i'm cute. hahahahahahaha

Julia Syalina said...

somebody's perasan i guess.
btw,how r u?

sharman said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA yes yes that's my nephew.

im good. getting my life sorted out :) u? hows penang?

la.leche said...

Somehow, the nickname you gave JGG reminds me of Baby Got Back, you know, that song. AND. I thought only girls do these kinds of pose sendiri shots! You've proved me wrong! Jajajaj! :)

sharman said...

hahaha well this baby definitely got back :D

heyyyy... as u can see, aku tak pose sendiri! dia nak pose dgn aku.

Julia Syalina said...

i see.
ur nephew is so cute!
maybe got a lil bit of genetic from his uncle.
good for u then.
i'm doing great.
just kinda busy.
sangat panas okayyyyyyyyy!
i dh jadi supertanned.

TKDaddict said...

they wanna catch ppl flying high??? :P

la.leche said...

Yes yes, I'm SO gonna buy that excuse :) Anyways, geram la tengok his hands rasa nak gigit je.

hummingbird said...

Leaves LCCT and am stopped by JPJ officers.

JPJ officer : Cik, kenapa passenger cik tak pakai seat belt?

Me : *looks over at Dad* Ohhh..sbb seat belt rosak la tuan. Tengok *yanks at seatbelt but refuses to budge* Entahlah kenapa, tadi dah cuba pakai tapi rosak la tuan...

JPJ: oh, takpela, nanti kena fix seat belt ya?

Me: *smug* Yea yea. Thank you.

JPJ: Kalau seat belt kat depan rosak, kat belakang pon rosak ke??

There was my mother smiling at the back without a seat belt. She retorts : Oh tuan, kena pakai ah? Saya pakai sekarang la.

SIGH. How la like this?

sharman said...


busy with what currently? supertanned? ok what... latina look! hot! ;)

tkd: catch ppl flying high? hahaha not somewhere u'd feel safe catching ppl "high" now is it? :P

la leche: :) you should see high thighs. even more sedap to bite XD

hummingbird: HAHAHAHA SO ITS BECAUSE OF YOU THEY'VE BEEN HAVING THESE BLOCKS! hehehe... your mom kelakar la... sempat nak tanya balik lagi :D

la.leche said...

Jajaja! I'm sure the thigh is more tempting! Anyways, you HAVE to check this cover out (Habis la semua org tau you suka JB!) :

I think it's pretty awesome!

sharman said...

omg its even better than the original!! seriously. is this a band?

la.leche said...

I doubt. I think they're just a bunch of friends who can sing well together. It appears to be better than the original 'cuz they had different harmonies among these 6 people. It HAS to sound good!

sharman said...

they are AMAZING! like woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!