Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Ear To Ear With A Reason

finally, i am able to breathe again. after quite turbulent months, i finished line training. i don't want to do it again.

it's such a relief to be done with training, even though the reality hasn't sunk in yet. the studying will never end, but it's like a huge boulder off my shoulders now. every night before a flight, i used to feel like i was going to enter the exam hall tomorrow, stpm exam hall to be precise. it was so hard to fall asleep, because your mind keeps wondering, "did i cover this? how about that? how does it go again?". some nights, it felt like i didn't even sleep, because i kept waking up. too nervous, you know?

i think it's kinda of crazy the fact that my first training flight was to bintulu, and i ended the training with a flight to bintulu as well. were the stars, planet and moon aligned or something?

oh, and finally i can tell people i'm a pilot, not a trainee pilot anymore (wrong to be proud eh? :D ). some people don't understand when i tell them i'm a trainee pilot, and have to explain everything before they understand what it means. initially, they think i'd just sit and observe the captain fly the plane.

though the reaction after that would be, "so you're a co-pilot? when will you fly the plane?". sad i tell you. its a two man crew, and we both take turns to fly the plane. i'm not a seat warmer :P

tomorrow shall be the first day taking flight as a first officer. start of a new chapter, another huge step for my life, a new wave of responsibility here after. i love this job, and i wonder why i doubted my happiness during training last time.

plus, flying back to jb! see the stars, planets and the moon aligning for me yet again :D

p/s if you're wondering, basically our ranking system works like this: second officer -> first officer -> senior first officer -> captain.


once during lunch, ITT turns and tells me out of the blue:

"next time when i big, i wanna be like you uncle sharman. i want to fly the plane. be captain".

so enthusiastically some more. i don't need kids with nephews like these :)

then the other day in school, his class teacher did the usual "ambition talk", and typically she wrote police, army, firefighter, doctor on the blackboard and told them to choose.

narrating the story to my mom, my mom asked him, "why you never say you want to become pilot?"

ITT: because the teacher didn't write on the blackboardddd...

the envy :)


ILoveFood said...


Have a safe flight!

sharman said...

hahaha thx... account baru nampak :P

btw, already at 90 flights... hahaha i think somewhere next week pecah 100 edi :D

la.leche said...
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la.leche said...

I can imagine the euphoria! Congrats! :D

sharman said...

hehehe thx :D

hummingbird said...

Got ppl wanna grow up and join army wan meh these days?? (there's a hint of Cina slang to cater to your Cina roots ;D )

Anyways, Congrats! Line training must suck but it makes the euphoria of finally having it all behind you all worth it right?

Happy CNY~

sharman said...

bila kecik mana tau kan? they think army is cool hahaha... (yes i especially read it with the chinese slang even before i read about it, get the full effect :D )

definitely euphoric. amazing feeling to be done hahaha...

happy CNY to you too! nian nian ru yi!

Dilah said...

Alors, tout va tres bien.!

Im so glad that things worked out from the moment we started being friends, till present. Wow. Sharman the pilot. Im impressed. =)

sharman said...

whats tout va tres bien?

hahaha yes yes. its amazing how far we've come since we met right? soon, hopefully i'll get a travel buddy? :D