Monday, December 11, 2006

The SMS Story

(some idiot sms-ed me at 2am, these are the exact replies)

Weirdo: Hi..good morning!

I did not reply.

Weirdo: Can we be frens?..i cant sleep...

AGAIN I did not reply.

Weirdo: Eh..can be frens anot? friendly..hehe..

(finally I decide to reply thinking it MIGHT be one of my friends)

ME: U are??

Weirdo: Can call me???

I did not reply :).

Weirdo: I heard ur cute..really am i..Haha.. =)

(not at all flattered. C'mon "cute" of all words? urghhhh)

Me: I'm married, so no i dont want to be frens wt u nor do i want to call u

Weirdo: Hey..come on la..married??..2 who?..u dumped me 1 week ago! fast married?..u really deleted my num?(look who deleted who's number)..i tot u were joking!..hey amanda baby(AMANDA WHO?)..cant we even be frens?..u really hate me dat much?(on behalf of amanda, yes i think she does!)..kinda hurts u noe..

Me: Yes im a-man-DUHH(pun intended).. Sorry i dumped u.. I wasnt thinkin straight.. U wanna get back together?

Weirdo: yes..i stil love u..but u sound weird..u ok?..

Me: Its almost 3am..i cant think straight(pun intended).. How do u expect me to sound?

Weirdo: Im sorry baby(breakup ready pun tak malu wanna call "baby" eh?)..don get angry..r u tired 2day?..u usually dont sleep so early..

Me: Now dear i'm really tired.. Billy is waiting 4 me on the bed..

Weirdo: Who is billy????..u seeing someone else?(your bussines is it?)..dont do this 2 me amanda...i love u alot..believe me..i love u..

(feeling a bit remorseful, i thought i should help patch them back together laaa)

Me: Haha jus kidding.. But i'm really tired now.. Surprise me tmrw n we'll c bout it?

Weirdo: Ok..can we meet at our usual spot?..nid me 2 fetch u?..

Me: Yes pls fetch me.. Surprise me..

Weirdo: Ok..i will..i will pick u at 2pm..c u u lots..i will be counting da seconds till we meet(*pukes* so blardy corny!)nitez..sweet dreams...dream of me ok(prasannyeee)..muackz..=)

(next day at 1.30pm i receive an sms from weirdo)

Weirdo: Hey baby..i will be there in 30mins ok..c u..muackz..

*smacks forehead n disgusted*

Since then, no replies langsung. Possibilities: 1. Amanda just screwed him up nicely or 2. She cair with his romantic move which I initiated he do. But as a whole, I think I kinda realized why amanda couldn't tahan him and his jiwang-ness. yuck.
Anywayz, just came back from kl last night, I'm off to pahang later at 7pm ++!!! Dunno when I'll be back, but i'm sure i'll find my means to blog somehow. Ciowzzz!!! *gleams*

*Its a holi holi holiday!!!*


Anonymous said...

that really happened ah....k i assume it did cus thats just waaaay to hilarious to be made up....

soooo my dear cousin ...should i be calling you amanda now??

AdrenaLynn said...

Hmm Looks like you learnt from cousin SC really fast didn't you....hehehe

Caroline said...

That's real'd he get your number anyway? Lucky guess...hahaha..poor guy...but he did sound rather mushy didn't he?..lolz..very funny!

Dilah said...

hahaah!! kelakar habes...

sharman said...

hehe yeaaa cuz SC guided me! she was there! hahaha..

dunno how la that fella got my number...dumb fool, org tak nak layan but still he sms-ing...

ishkk his mushy-ness was disgusting laaa...

btw, i DONT want to be amanda!

Caroline said...

How can you when you're a guy? well..unless you want a name for your more feminine side...then its a different story..=P

sharman said...

no thankyu! i dont want anymore alter egos fine being just A sharman. this body cant hold more than one persona. so no more personas XP XP XP