Thursday, December 07, 2006

Read Me Rambles

EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER!!! wohooooooooooo

Who would have thought this day would come? Certainly not me. I've lived writing crazy imaginations in my mind my whole life, expecting armageddon to happen before THIS day comes. But as years have passed, all my imagination, all my all so good imaginations have not become reality. Oh well, at least I lied to myself to get through rough times?

"joy to the world, the exams are of the end!"

!no more school!

!no more uniform!

!no more omega tuition centre!

Anyways, paper today was okayyy, not as bad as chemistry, but still tough. Lets analyze the last 18 hours of my life:

- I've had ZERO sleep
- approximately 40 minutes of continuous shutted eyes
- horrible 12 hours of studying
- less than 2 hours of tv
- 3 cups of tea
- about ten trips to the bathroom? hahaha lotsa water keeps u awake to go to the bathroom, hence awake to study! NOTE THAT!
- 2.5 hours of gruelling butt-aching script writing

As a conclusive conclusion to this overwhelming crappy post, I need sleep. I DESERVE sleep. I really DO.

~Dozing off and away...good nite mate!

soon to come: SMS Story. Don't be left behind. Stay glued for the upcoming update.


Anonymous said...

u know got approx. 7-9 months to make ur self bored out of ur mind....make sure u squeeze every last drop of it...cus that not gonna happen agn after this...haha...
can come visit me also =)

AdrenaLynn said... very free kan.. change your passport...

cheryl said...

finally...sharman IS BACK ALIVE!

sharman said...

hehehe yes yes am back n totally mindlessly free for the next gazillion days!!! YAYYY!!!

SIL, change passport redi last week can go fly anywhere...if i find money! hahaha

Caroline said...

Congrats on finishing STPM! I dono how bad physics was..but nothing can be as bad as chemistry..that was the worst paper of the to maths 1 and 2..BUT THANK GOD STPM IS OVER! DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN RESTULS NOW! HAHAHA!

sharman said...

ya laaa...lets just forget abt the term 'stpm' till that dreadful day of results arrive!!!