Saturday, December 16, 2006


Well not really. In KL actually. Came here for the whole purpose of meeting up with my primary school friend Din, but that fella went to JB. So can't meet up!

Moving along, updates on pahang will come soon. Got pics to put up, but I currently don't have a memory card reader so the pahang updates will have to wait.

Been "busy" in KL the past 2 days, having movie mania marathon with cuz ash. The last movie I watched in cinema was "Pirates Of The Carribean: something's chest", you can imagine how long that has been. Well, I just didn't want to find any excuse to do badly in my exams, so I stayed away from hangin' out much. IF I were to do bad in examz, I AM solely to be blamed. Makes me feel better in some psychotic unprecedented way. But anyways, the past couple of days, I HAD to recuperrate the loss of movie-ness, and should have made up for it. The movies I have watched the past 2 days are:

1. Eragon
2. Step Up
3. Little Man
4. Barnyard
5. Deja Vu' (friggin' good movie...MUST WATCH!)
6. Van Wilder- The Rise Of Taj (damn funny!)
7. The Benchwarmers

The local dvd sellers cheated us of 3 friggin' movies!!! Cannot play the damned dvds. Anywayz, no plans for tonight yet. But I THINK a movie should be on the list.


sharman watch your head.



Btw, there's no more discretion bout us on my side. "I can't wait till its officially us"? Well its official :P

PS: someone please buy me '7 Cases Of Ambiguity' please? I wanna read it!!!!


Dilah said...

hai...kena tipu? kesian...

newaes, u watched Step up? i wanna watch dat!! but its over here i think. Heard it was good..

I watched Little Man with Azim. Haha...the dog is soo giler. Humping on the toys..

and btw, it's Dean Man's Chest. =))

keep updating coz i m bored and i blog hop.

sharman said...

ya la kena tipu!!! ishkkk...

yea i watched step up, not bad movie. it stopped playing in cinema MANY months ago, i watched it on dvd tho..

hehe yea damn horny dog!!! also like the part they changed his pampers n called him a porn star! hahaha...

thx for informing the true movie title!

i'll try to update as much as possible ;D