Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Touch Of Thought

i get that everyone has a right to an opinion. or opinions for the matter of fact. opinions, the lovechild of creativity and guts. or just a point to show you weren't sleeping through the boring lecture or class.

see the funny thing about opinions is, sometimes people get so contradicting with it. take this for an example. went someone asks me where do i work, or what do i do, i tell them, "i'm a pilot". they assume i'm a captain, and i correct them i'm not. my rank is so-and-so, my designation in the chain of food, i mean command, is co-pilot.

"oooo so you're a co-pilot", they go. "what do you do? since the captain flies the plane, you just sit there? fancy job".

then i explain the whole nature of my job, the task-sharing, and such, but they just end it off with "so you don't really fly the plane".

this is where i start my search for a noose. but God blessed me with perseverance, so i take a deep breath instead, and just smile. i smile a lot.

the flip side of people on the other hand, comes out to play when they experience an uncomfortable landing. a quick remark, "must be the co-pilot".

thank you. but point to note, we can land airplanes too.


i don't really follow idol these days, but i do watch if i have the time. i think haley reinhart has improved the most this season. she's got an amazing voice, and she's starting to choose the right songs. i don't think the judges have been all fair on her performances. i wish she would win, but reason she won't win: i think she still lacks stage presence. ahhh but experience would cover that.

i think james screams too much, and it's unfair he going offtune just because he's emotional is forgiven and forgotten. we don't need another lambert. i can't even comprehend how you can call whatever scotty is doing as singing. and lauren is just mediocre. haley ftw? who am i kidding.


Tharish said...

OMG I TOTALLY AGREE!! There was just some bad singing in that episode. Made me glad i didn't follow this year's batch.

Casey Adams was good tho. Too bad.

sharman said...

kannn?! america's got talent left ke? hahaha