Saturday, March 26, 2011

24 And More

turning 24 didn't have any of the hype as the previous years. there wasn't a countdown like I usually do. it was a quiet one as i ran off to cambodia.

and what a blast i had. it's the little surprises that leave such a sickening smile on my face. life will only get better here on forth.

sometimes we need to see the worse to appreciate all the good in life.

and sometimes we need a wild night to give life a much needed wake up call. a reason to work, a reason to get out of bed, a reason to laugh and have a ball.

keep the beat thumping, cheers all!

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la.leche said...

Survived Angkor Wat? Happy Belated Birthdayyyyy Sharman!!! :D

Tharish said...

La, no wonder pergi Cambodia. I just remembered how we celebrated your birthday last year. Absinthe FTW! LOL/

sharman said...

la leche: i is survived! though we only went the southern part of temples. that also like no need do cardio for one whole week! but amazingly beautiful. and thank you! hope you're doing A OK there

tharish: absinthe FTW. and never again! urghhhh. best and worst drink on list!

la.leche said...

Spectacular. That was the first word that came to my mind when I entered Kingdom of Angkor. What's your favorite temple? Mine is Ta Phrom! The one with gigantic trees.

Doing good so far, enjoying every bit of student life! Do let me know if you're coming down under, we should meet up for a cuppa! :D Take care!

sharman said...

yeaaa. ta phrom was really nice, but generally i still prefer angkor wat because of the intricate details. sooooo amazing.

hahah entah area mana kau pun. skali gua pergi salah bandar mcm mana? update la yr whereabouts :p

la.leche said...

Yea, the carvings and architecture are impressive! Did you manage to catch sunset there?

Ohhh yeaaa, mcm Australia ni kecik je kan. Jajajaj! I'm studying in Canberra, the capital city. If you ever come down to Sydney, holler okay, it's not that far from here!

sharman said...

no i did not. it actually rain during the dry season! yes. i'm a witchdoctor. i can call for the rain.

hahaha belum sempat nak menerokai down under yet. budget belum cukup :P

how's it there? living well?

la.leche said...

Oh now part time job jadi bomoh in Cambodia calling for the rain eh? Interesting!

No rush la bila budget dah cukup datang je. Nanti we sing lagu Justin Bieber together when you get here. Jajajaaa.

Canberra is like Putrajaya. It's a bit quiet compared to Penang. Good environment for studying (promote uni skit) The only activity we do here is grocery shopping. Shops close at 5p.m even during weekends. I've devoted myself to education because of that.

When's your next trip?