Tuesday, November 09, 2010

You Again

during deepavali lunch, a close friend of mine saw my sister's wedding picture standing at the corner of the hall, to which she commented:

she: wow. you're sis never change!

me: what do you mean? *i didn't realize she saw the pic*

she: since she got married till now, she still look the same.

me: oh okay. she'll be very happy you said that :D

to which i conveyed the message to my mother since sis was out.

me: mom. she says anita never age.

mom: what?

she: your daughter. look the same from her wedding day till now. her skin so nice.

*mom just smiles*

she: your daughter's skin like glowing. so radiant.

mom: well she doesn't use any products. it's in the genes! *laughs*

friend then turns to me,

she: actually you also have it.

me: oh no. mine is all product :)


i've finally got to cleaning up my stuff at home.
really backdated stuff from highschool.
stuff from 7years ago?
from my study table, study books, to all my clothes.
notes from school,
random notes,
resume for MAS,
bad pictures,
public speaking speech.
most have gone to the garbage bin.
can't hold on to the past for too long eh?
i want my colourful life,
away from the faded past.


Jules said...

'i want my colourful life,
away from the faded past.'

p/s: happy deepavali sharman! sorry for the late wish. hope u had a blast! ;)

sharman said...

jules: thank u!!! for the loving and the wishing!!

i hope u been having good days too. dont forget to smile!

Jules said...

my pleasure~
not really.
my finals is killing me.
okay sharman!
thanks a lot.
same goes with u~
have a great life ahead!