Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have a Little Faith

As I read the first few pages from mitch albom's book, I felt like I was being transported back.

As much as I love writing, at that particular time, my mind froze. I could not phrase a sentence. I could not make out the meanings of words. At a time when my writing could come to good use, I could not. I could not figure my mind. My hands shivered. I trembled holding a pencil, even though I forgot how to write the alphabets. I could not feel.

It's still a situation I doubt I can handle. But as I looked up to the mute lady who came up to me trying to sell her keychains to earn an honest living, or the dude in a wheelchair who confidently maneuvered up and down the escalators like tony hawk on a skateboard, I think having a little faith in someone or something should be a wise place to start when you keep running away.

I always ran away. Maybe it's time to run the opposite direction.


just got amazing news about a friend. life works in mysterious ways. karma is awesome, because good things happen to good people.

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vinitha said...

write about how you met me

sharman said...

please refer this request to jason thank you :)

vinitha said...

well he isn't the one interested in writing...i give u another title to work on...''who am i?''

Anonymous said...

What if the other direction have nothing to offer at the end of it.., or itz juz filled with plain darkness..?

sharman said...

vin: u write yrself k? :P tak malu...

anon: well to my luck, darkness was the direction i was heading initially. but who knows, there's always a light at the end of the darkness for you?