Friday, November 05, 2010

I'll Be Your Rockstar

i went to the doctors again yesterday because my tonsils are still irritating me. the usual doc wasn't in, think he went for festive holidays already. instead it was a lady doctor with an english accent. maybe she studied abroad? the conversation:

she: so what's the problem?

me: i had tonsils few days ago, it's gone down, but it's still irritating.

she: let's have a look.

*opens mouth*

she: well it's going down. not much i can do. should be back to normal in a few days. just a matter of time. i can't give you antibiotics.

me: but it's the festive season. i wanna be ok.

she: a bit too late for that :)

me: it's the festive season.

she: well stay away from spicy and oily food. like briyani, curry, muruku...

me: yea i'll stick to white rice this year.

she: *eyes wide open* yes. white rice. maybe some soup?

me: not part of the menu, but i'll see what mom can do *squints eyes* ... maybe some lozanges will help? since i'm already here. it gets hard to talk. there's phlegm when i speak. sometimes it's hard to finish a sentence. the throat is irritating me.

she: then don't talk *smiles*

me: (i didn't see that medical advice coming my way) i can't. it's part of my job. it's just very scratchy.

she: rockstar. maybe you're on your way to being a rockstar.

me *one eyebrow raised*

she: scratchy voice. husky. maybe you could be rod stewart. or are you too young to know who rod stewart is?

me: i know who he is.

am i not suppose to know who rod stewart is? or do i look like i just came out of highschool? hmmmm... but for the love of God. me singing? i cannot hold a note to save the queen of england and you think i can be a rockstar? that's too nice bordering sarcasm :P


the other day while walking to the aircraft,
one of the crew asked me,
"besides your name, which part of you is indian?"

after thinking for a sufficient time,
trying to be the least crude,
i replied while lifting my pants,
"i've got hairy legs?"

then she stormed off while yelling,
"euwww. sharman. not this early in the morning.
damn disgusting."

i stress again,
i tried to be the least crude :P

happy deepavali everyone!
wishing you good food, good times,
and all good things!


la.leche said...

Deepavali valthukkal! Have an enjoyable one with your loved ones.

I think husky is always better than nasal!

sharman said...

hahaha thank you! i hope u had an awesome weekend too!

lol yea. i can never find the nanny's voice sexy. no way!