Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Chasing Sunsets

it's been quite a downer of a week. my watch strap has broken. now, the seconds needle has come loose. i don't want to get a new one because i love it. it was a present. too much value to be left forgotten. gotta get it fixed asap.

and to my horror, i dropped my love. not my car, of course. i can't possibly drop my car. my other love, my bb. now it's got a little crack at the top. my heart is shattered.

the other day, i forgot my airport pass when i went to work. luckily it was in my car. but you know, the carpark isn't exactly nearby. already the mighty sun was scorching, by the time i reached the office again, i looked and felt like i just came out the sauna.

i haven't been to the gym in ages. this belly isn't going away by itself, sharman. reason? carry on reading.

i had three days off which i spent wailing and still wailing from my omnipresent tonsilitis. i could barely speak at one point because it was so irritant. i couldn't fly because it was inflamed till my ears were blocked. i never got it this bad. yes, i'm considering getting it removed. does company insurance cover? hmmm...

that's a lot of whining. now, something to look forward to. annual leave starting the 4th. home, here i come. if i hadn't been to the gym in ages, well then i haven't been back in jb for decades. i miss home. deepavali with the family.

in the words of destiny's child, to spend some quality t-i-m-e.

i have this obsession. i think the sunsets i get to see, are amazing. it's quite a different view from up there. it feels like you're chasing it. but you're never getting there. everytime it's a game of despair. but i never give up. coz i know if i give up, it'll be the end of me. a pointless journey. for i always think of what could be. what if one day, i do catch up with the sunset as crazy as it sounds? what if one day everything falls into place? no more questions left unanswered? what if.


in aviation telephony/pilot language,
"roger" basically means understand.
i don't know how the term came up,
i don't wanna know,
because it's a term i was taught not to use.
it's just a little too vague of a reply.

in india,
when you communicate with the air traffic controller,
they love to reply you with a "roger".

it sounds more like a "raj".
silent "er" i guess?

it's a lame joke,
but everytime i get that,
i'd think,
"i'm no raj. i'm sharman"

so i literally laughed my ass off,
when the captain turned to me and said,
"who the **** is raj?!"


яuth said...

my condolences to your beautiful bb. ooh, the sunset picture so beautiful!

p.s my bb hates me.

TKDaddict said...

hahaha...u need to learn the india version of the english alphabet...if u come to my hse on sat nite me n my frens will teach u :) then u can communicate with the indian air traffic controllers in their own lingo...haha

sharman said...

ruth: i know. im so sad. and thx... amazing la all the colours with the sunset then beside it will be all dark... feel a bit like harry potter lol

why does your bb hate you? or u just dont love it enuf?

tkd: yes i do!!! damn i cant make it... i need to be taught this indian things which only people who have lived there know abt! lmao

яuth said...

I'm beginning to hate it. He's gonna die anytime soon 'cause he's giving me all those 101 problems you could think off :( But I'm looking on the bright side. Samsung Omnia II looks pretty sexy.

p.s don't throw rocks at me :P

sharman said...

what??? samsung hmmm... never been a fan of samsung. their OS ok ke? under symbian?

яuth said...

Windows mobile! awesome crap weyh