Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Laptops Can Be Dangerous

watching HIMYM with a six year old can be dangerous.

i was enjoying season 1, one of the last few episodes about how lily and robin crashed a prom to check out the band to hire for marshall and lily's wedding, halfway through my cousin's daughter joins me on the laptop.

i thought there couldn't be anything wrong with letting her join. i didn't think of the actual consequences.

so in that episode lily speaks about some regrets like not having done any lesbian acts.

okay first mistake. i wasn't sure if she actually said lesbian because of the interference from the tv behind me. hence, i let it pass.

then they kiss. second mistake.

niece: girls kiss?

me: ermmm.. they are sisters.

niece: but girls kiss each other? *with slight disgust*

me: ya. like how you kiss your sister. sisters can kiss each other right...

niece: ohhhh

first and last episode of HIMYM i'm watching with this little girl. or matter fact, anything on my laptop. too darn dangerous.

this guy is legendary. the show would not be the same without him. who's your fav?


wazza said...

huwaaa... yeah dats really dangerous!!!!

savante said...

I actually like the main character :)

яuth said...

barney is legen.. wait for it.. wait for it.. DARY! lol but I like Robin. See the resemblance between me and her


Caroline :) said...

LOL, cute niece! :) Hahahaha...

NOTE: Me old blog is back up...:)

sharman said...

wazza: righttttt?!!! not taking the risk again.

savante: ted mosby? because he's a porn star? hehehe

ruth: he is INDEED legendary. SUIT UP!

u and robin? in what way? you're canadian and lame? :P

caroline: cute, but dangerous. i might be of bad influence. i don't want that burden :)

weiii now what address u using? or u don't blog? so constipated i removed your link. hit me the new address!

яuth said...


Not that. The part where she hates kids and about marriage. Okay, maybe lame. MAYBE.

sharman said...

maybe is an understatement :P

oh ya forgot about that part of her. yeaaaa i guess that's more similar la... hehehe babies have soft spots. kelakar la she thinks babies are evil.

eh wait you do too! ;)