Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Got Me Speechless

at the terminal the other day while walking to the aircraft, one of the captains i've flown with loudly called me a "fake indian".

i could only chuckle in reply. in my defense, i'm only half indian :)

the cleaner of the apron in the shenzhen airport.
unusual right?

and if you think just because he rides a bicycle that shenzhen must be a small town, well it's not. it's huge. huge-er than kl.

usually on long flights like to shenzhen, captains and first officers try to entertain each other by talking random stuff. so we don't fall asleep. usually the talk would bounce about topics like who i'm dating, if she's a crew, why are you single etc etc. yes. some days i'm single, some days i'm not. it's complicated. and of recent, the world cup was a hot topic. unsurprisingly.

anyways, one of the captains concluded that i "look like a happy person".

i think it's more of, at work, i try to be as happy as possible so it doesn't feel so much of a work. and i've realized, if i try to be happy, then i get happy back. kinda like good karma. i've experienced going to the airport with a heavy heart, and the day would turn out even worse than how it began.

so since then, i always try to leave everything behind when i go to work.

that's exactly why i think secrets are important. even in relationships. keeping some details to yourself, not asking you to lie but to keep some to ourselves, is always good. it keeps us sane. it makes situations easier to deal with, sometimes. it allows us to grow as a person, by learning to deal with situations.

though some of us just need the reality check every so often.

so if that's the case, there's always justin bieber to sing-a-long to. because how can that not lift your spirits up?! knowing you have a great voice.


in the cockpit

him: in bangkok, i'm married. in kl, no. you?

me: for now, not married. single. no one.

him: so no one?

me: yup :)

him: no one love you?

now that sounds pathetic when you put it that way

him: if no girl love you, try boy.

then he burst out laughing. this coming from someone who usually is as quiet as a rock. seriously dude, i'm not used to this. for a second, i thought you were possessed.

me---> O.o wtf.


Julia Syalina said...

but being a single isnt bad as we think after all~
kan kan kan?

la.leche said...

Part Justin Bieber tu memang cannot tahan! Jajajaja!

You just go, "Baby, baby, baaabyyyyyyyy ohh" and everything will fall into place! :)

sharman said...

jules: of course! i agree with you 110%! i just don't get why others have to think otherwise and impose their perception on me.

la leche: righttttttt!!!! that was exactly what i was hinting at. makes everything okay after that! lmao

Julia Syalina said...

maybe they think dat u r going to be a good bf to any girls out there.
dun worry.
let they think wutever they want.
oh yeah.
listen to john mayer-perfectly lonely.
it will make u happy for being a single guy.
woot woot!

sharman said...

jules: whoaaa... too big of a compliment there! hahaha... im not good with relationships :)

okay will check it out! sounds like a good song... me kinda likes john mayer!

remember, your body is a weonderland? hehehee

Julia Syalina said...

im not giving u a compliment.
maybe just an assumption.
im not into john mayer pun.
just so so la.
but lately, i love to hear his songs.
my bf influenced me.
i love dat song!
my 1st fav song of john mayer for the first time i know him.

take-chan said...

try boy???? ayark!!
i'm oso not good wit relationship n dats y am stil single
but am really hepi wit dat coz i still had frenz.
love come n go but frenz r 4 eva..

Caroline :) said...

O.o...that's one kewl fella..>.< bangkok i'm married, in KL, no...sounds just....well...:S

Try boy? LOL...but he sounds like an interesting fella alright...^_^

sharman said...

julia: hehehe so much influence a boy can do to you huh? is that what they call the power of love?

sometimes i'm scared that it can be misguided and actually just be foolish instead of the power of love.

take-chan: i agree 100%. relationships are so fragile. some people aren't even true. why bother? being single, so much to do with so little consideration :)

caroline: interesting? he's usually damn quiet. that's why i was taken so aback!