Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Good Life

we grow up, along the way making plans for the future. how we're gonna spend it, with who, and all the endless possibilities.

then, we actually grow up and let life get in the way.

we forget of all the endless possibilities, because we let reality become heavier than it actually is. we set the wrong priorities. we meet the wrong people. we get drifted away. we forget to dream.

childhood innocence, reminds me that. i'm blessed to be happy.

truly. how about you?


If God is a DJ

Life is a dance floor

Love is the rhythm

You are the music

- pink "God Is A DJ" -


hummingbird said...

You know what the biggest problem with life is? The people in it.

People piss us off, up our angry quotient or distort the way we are.

So you're right. Just remember that you're blessed to be truly happy.

y. 源 said...

so true.. 'we forget to dream'..haha..u are blessed to be happy..i am blessed to be lucky.. ;)

sharman said...

xiao jie: people are just part of the ingredients in life. and i agree with you with what they do.

then again, it's up to us in deciding what we want to accept. a lil filtering to maintain the sanity and happiness always helps. as long as i'm happy, i'd keep the rest at a distance.

y: have you forgotten to dream too? :D ... hmmmm blessed to be lucky? to find some special?

y. 源 said...

forgot to dream for many years during secondary school..exam grades made me a bloody nerd..lol..no more endless possibilities, just singular: "study to score, kalau tak, mampus u"..

lucky cuz always have the right people to help/guide me whenever i'm in difficult situations~

sharman said...

it was probably because of school itself. grades were nearly everything. but then again, i think u'd still scoring the A's even if you didn't put so much pressure on yourself :)

wong sentiasa ada jawapannya X)

hehehe that's nice having the right people. not everyone is blessed like that. maybe soon you will see.

y. 源 said...

lol..don't make it sound like im a genius..like i said, i am just lucky, having the right teachers to teach me that time.. :D

sharman said...

well i won't agree that you were always lucky. needs more than just luck to know the stuff you do :)