Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breaking The Cycle

there is a certain comfort in having a routine. it prepares our heart for the unexpected because we already know what's ahead. routine provides a state of normalcy.

with the job i'm in, it is quite impossible to get hold of a routine of life. it's more of a day to day scenario. while i hate the fact that most days i can't get my sleep, i also love it that i don't have a routine. it's part of the attraction of my job. it's weird, i know. but not having to be held in a cycle, allows me to be free of being grounded by people and emotions. everyday, is different. i don't know what to expect. i don't know who i'll meet. i don't know how the traffic will be, or even if i'll eat.

of course, most times, i'm the last to know of the latest.

why this suddenly? it occurred to me while speaking to my friends. they opted to head back to jb for work instead of kl because of this. it's not a bad idea, no. but different people, different ideas. i think i'd probably feel like a black hole after a certain time. don't get me wrong, i do miss having a routine. but breaking out of the mold, isn't so bad, is it?

at least for now, i don't get tied down. sacrifices of course, but isn't that life anyway? what about you? do you think i'm way out of line?


-my current addiction. the boy's got talent-

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