Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Was Like... Ok?

i have never gotten a speeding ticket prior to this. so i had no idea what the procedure was, except for the little scene on "friends" when ross gets a ticket for driving really slow.

so anyway, the other day, i got pulled over for speeding. here's the little conversation between the officer and the gentleman(hahahaha). i think it sounds better if i keep it in the original language.

him: satu tiga tujuh.

me: ? (summon amount? offence number 137?!)

him: dari mana?

me: *thinks* nilai.

him: satu tiga tujuh bang.

me: ok?

(i wasn't paying much attention to him because i wanted to hear who was number 1 on seacrest)

him: ic and lesen.

*hands over*

him: tadi speeding, satu tiga tujuh.

me: ok?

him: satu tiga tujuh. kita ada kamera lima kilometer sana. (he has my ic, my licence, he has the summon book but doesn't write a thing)

me: ok.

him: *mumble* kalau tangkap gambar, nanti pos *mumbles mumbles* (hands over my ic and licence)

(BoB is number one)

me: huh??? *takes my stuff* saman macam mana?

him *mumbles mumbles* gambar. saman. *mumbles mumbles*

me: boleh pergi?

him: ahhh ye.

so until now, am clueless how it works. worthless experience.


have you heard of this group on facebook: stop insulting justin bieber, she has feelings too?

the bashing continues with:

" God, if you give us back michael jackson, we will give you justin bieber "

and apparently michael's not the only one. people are willing to trade justin for tupac, kurt cobain and bob marley too.

i can't help but laugh at this. well at least justin's got money to lessen the pain :P


Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!!!!! 137 not speed meh?
apalalu, got selective hearing oni! think they gonna send the summon to u.

яuth said...

Satu tiga tujuh is nothing la. I paid 50 bucks for satu tujuh kosong. So murah kan?

p.s I know that bugger wanted money to buy nasi lemak. Thats why he was repeating it so many times. lol.

sharman said...

anonymous: is this my kak being anonymous??? hahahah the thing is, he got all the info, he had the summon book, soooooo why not there and then? scared i'll get emotionally affected and crash after that?

ruth: OMG satu tujuh kosong? u trying to lift off is it?! mad driver la u...

hehehehe yeaaa that's what i'm thinking too. nevermind. kita kan rakyat satu malaysia. let's give the government more money!

Anonymous said...

but actually ah, i thought if they ambik gambar redi they won't have to stop you there. they terus 'surprise' you by mail. the fella wanna make sure you tak mabuk la kot.
lol no, u lagi tua than this kak. 'sweet gizzard' ring a bell? haha

sharman said...

tu la. but it was on the highway back to jb. takkan i stopped in melaka go clubbing? think he wanted free supper kot.

HAHAHAHAAHA feathery friend who refuses to quit chicken!

TKDaddict said...

eh eh dissing melaka now is it...

sharman said...

how was that dissing melaka???!

feathery friend said...

is clubbing in malacca that impossible? hahaha. yea well pity him, no money masuk pocket coz some speeding drivers are partially deaf. :P

ah well i think i'll quit chicken once i see the neck and gizzard growing la...still too soon to quit hahaha.

sharman said...

no it isn't. melaka got reasonable clubs. think about it, from kl to jb, where to go? batu pahat? seremban?

hahahahahaha what to do. choose the wrong driver memang la.

omg. once u see those growing, might be too late okay. don't regret!

AmeZac said...

that saman xpenah valid.. i got stop for so many time (coz min speed drive 150) for that and the ticket never arrive.. weird.. online check also don't have.. if saman must give on the spot..

sharman said...

tu la orang ni jakun tak pernah kena saman lol... so i wasn't sure what to expect

some of these people always up to no good... just wanna roughen our life...