Sunday, April 25, 2010

Perhaps Some Thought In It

as they played the national anthem in the hall, i found myself automatically spraying out the words. not because i wanted to, but like i said, automatically. subconsciously. things like patriotism isn't something you can force onto others. certainly not through books, or songs for that matter. tell me exactly, how does singing a song instill love, passion, and trust perhaps? i am bewildered at whoever that came up with this concept.

don't get me wrong, i'm not bashing the country. i'm just trying to figure why certain things are done as they are.

the famous quote, "ask what you can do for your country, not what the country can do for you". each person would sacrifice what they deem fit. it's a question of depth. some would do nothing at all. because perhaps in retrospect, maybe nothing has been gained, except for losses.

in this situation, when there's a negative perception, or even a neutral view, would a song and class be able to reach and plant feelings into one's soul?

if it were so easy, i don't think that would define us as humans no longer. because we're just that complicated. intricate details of a person, makes us diverse and unique. it's stereotypical in a way to think everyone could be handled so easily. again, if only we're that simple.

my point is, why are we burdened with all this unproductive stuff if it's not gonna work? because we just need to, don't we? my brain cells are abundant, so let's waste 'em. my youth is abundant, so let's waste it.

i'm just saying, sometimes we let the unimportant take over our lives, time to get back into the game.

perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


for the pic-enthusiast. i know my blog has never been the aviation one, so for those who just like to see a different sight, here you go!

an SIA if i'm not wrong. 2000feet above us.

mount kinabalu. someday.

hope you had a blast of a weekend. i spend 30minutes of my sunday in macau!


la.leche said...

The first photo, is that a B747 or A380? Either one, that metal bird surely ruled the skies!

So how did you spend your 30 mins in Macau? Were you being sarcastic or sheer ecstatic? Couldn't quite figure that out although that was in plain English. Hmmmmm.

sharman said...

it was a 747. and no. I RULED THE SKIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! muahahaha

hmmm... a little bit of both la... long time haven't flown to macau, yet was annoyed coz had to wake up damn early for the flight hehehe :)

how was your weekend?

la.leche said...

Ya la ya la, you ruled the skies (layan je la. Jajaja). Hey, hate to say this but it's part of your job to wake up at wee hours, stay strong!

My weekend was splendid. Spent quality time with my hommies on Saturday (went to Murni's for supper!) and do what I do best on Sunday ; laundry :)

Hope everything is well at your end. Your latest post is very the emo ok. Jeje. Colbie Caillat is evil. She writes songs that hit in right spot. 'Breakthrough' is an amazing album.

sharman said...

thanks for layan-ing lol. i know part of the job, sometimes it makes me sleep through the day on my days off. feel macam membazir day off hahaha..

wahhhh u selalu pergi murni's ke? hehehe i don't think it rained on sunday, did it? so it must have been a fulfilling sunday.

i'm ok. just in the moment yesterday. hahaha... i especially liked this track. btw, enjoy penang! ta pau laksa balik boleh tak? :D

la.leche said...

Murni's tu sort of a monthly thing with my hommies. Jajajaja! Enjoying Penang to bits, I dah bagi kecoh satu pulau ni ha! Got that part covered! You tak balik JB ke?

And yea, boleh sajaaaa! :) Penang Bridge pun I tolong tapau kan untuk you skali, okay!

Happy working! Fly dengan sopan okay, jangan bagi pax heart attack ka apa.