Friday, April 16, 2010

I Felt You Leave

you had my head over the edge,
as i nestled into this paradise.
i lost control of saving smiles,
admiring the tea leaves shape your face.

i was on the other side of the puppeteer's line,
only with a genuine expression.
in this grotesque affair of senses,
my mind was a wild act of cirque du soleil.

the nights would end,
yet my days never saw the sunset.
insatiable was this hunger,
of the apotheosis of lust i craved.

this ignorance was bliss,
this ecstasy i could not leave,
but soon i was closing my eyes,
soon i was enveloped by emptiness.

checkmate in a game of chess,
by a vacant foe,
i was so behind,
in this race i figured i lead.

stay here,
save me,
listen out,
or just fool me once more.