Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Good Till It's Gone

don't you think this would make great publicity? even if you don't, you have to. because it's my blog. junior jets, perhaps? :P


as we browse through memories, we start to remember lost possessions. often enough, we let a lot slip by our finger gaps even without knowing. sometimes for the better. sometimes for the better at that instance, only to regret much later when trying to find it again.

we live to make mistakes. while it can get depressing and it might even tear us down this issue of regretting things once we've let go, i, slightly contradicting with what i've typed thus far, don't really believe in having too tight a grasp on everything.

you see, i just watched "up in the air". see how george clooney at the end winds up the losing end? he wasn't very sure of it, yet gambled it anyway. sure it's nice to gamble your life if you know you're gonna win all that's there at stake, but if you did not? how sure are you of winning?

certain things are just meant to be let go. i know she's hot, but is it really worth it now?

maybe that's my problem. i haven't found anything worth going all out for.

yet ;)

guess that's better than letting go something that's worth keeping.


яuth said...

Letting go of Beyonce? After all these years? :p

sharman said...