Monday, January 25, 2010

Stuck In A Moment

something short and simple worth sharing.

i heard this over the radio while driving. on mix fm, for the traffic info she goes:

" on the MRR2 traffic is building up because of a car accident on the left lane, between tesco and the shell station, from sri petaling heading towards ampang. due to onlookers, you guys, champion, traffic is slow on both directions. way to go. "

woman either seriously frustrated from repeating the same thing every other day, or owns a really good sense of humour. the best traffic update i ever heard.


i bought a steering cover. it says "easily slips onto steering wheel".



aman al-kempasi said...

nice blog...nuffwalking...:)

sharman said...

thx :)

savante said...

She says it every so often since the idiots really do stop and stare :)

sharman said...

hahahaha yeaaaa but the way she put it that day was REALLY good :)

Dilah said...

i wish the Deejays here in singapore are alot more like those over there!

sharman said...

hahaha kadang2 sahaja like that... :)