Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Recap

for the last few days prior to new year:

1. got called up for work, when i initially had day off for new year. it's okay, for the better future right?

2. on the eve of the eve of new year, flying back from jakarta, we got struck by lightning. it left a mark, as how a blunt nail would leave if hammered onto a metal sheet, and the paint got scraped off.

3. spent my first ever new year in flight (on the way back from shenzhen), flying somewhere over the south china sea. we did not have any countdown because most of the passengers were sleeping. i did get a free meal from the captain though :)

4. a bloody idiotic bafoon stole Miss Om's car radio antenna (it's the screw on type). already missed new year celebration, now i was left without an antenna.

anyway, it is the new year, with many things to look forward to. so HAPPY *belated* NEW YEAR from me to anyone who's reading. may 2010 be so much more awesome, exciting, and less to worry. party hard, and make incredible memories this year!

-2010 is actually here. omg. -


Flyfreak said...

i feel so sorry for you seriously.we could've so much fun in JB and SG.haihhhh
never mind we'll make it up soon!

remember our deal! cant wait for it.
my aircraft was struck once,near the engine cowling but it was nothing la.

btw,who's the captain?

sharman said...

nahhhh its ok la... not so bad... luckily capt cheng, nice captain... so experience was nice

hahahah yessssssssss i can't wait... so jealous of u man! ye la, kena struck twice, but no serious damage... met yr dad the other day at the office btw... hi hi bye bye sahaja la...

maizanmustaffa said...

happy new year sharm.! :D

sharman said...

happy new year to you too maizan... hope u had a blast!

Dilah said...


A student of mine just flew here from that place. Wow u are FLYING !

sharman said...

yes shenzhen :)

hehehe maybe one day your student will be my passenger :D

and yes, i AM flying. nak cutiiiiiiii....