Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When She Says She Loves Me

certain things i cannot comprehend, i elude. hoping to find an alternative around the situation, or absolute avoidance when cornered. choices i make, may not seem healthy. choices i make, aren't permanent, but they help get by.

you don't understand, so stop generalizing. stop putting me in the same box as you. not that i find you far better off (which you are), but it is not the same.

you do not understand me, but since you're in a position, i unwillingly agree that we are of the same. see, i'm gracious. unfortunately, i can't say the same about everyone. because some just don't understand, and probably never will.


i've waited all my life to turn 23. and this year, it's here. yes, sharman of sharman23 turns 23. it isn't a random number i chose.

now what do i do, when i don't want it to come?


la.leche said...

Just a curiosity. Why have you been waiting for the day when you turn 23? This is frankly my first time seeing someone waiting for that day. 21 is pretty common though.

sharman said...

hahaha i was born on the 23rd, not january though :) hence the obsession, i think :P

ps: it wasn't an earthquake. it was you :D

la.leche said...

Oh, that's why ke? I go crazy for no. 5. So, I totally get your obsession. It's the pride of having born on certain dates, I guess. Whatever it is, you'll definitely be a year older and wiser. Enjoy it before you turn 24 or older.

p/s : Thanks for noticing :D

sharman said...

hahaha thank God u didn't think i was crazy. luckily it sounds like a sane thing then! hahaha yesss i know i should enjoy it, but damn after this the age number just doesn't get very attractive :P

but hopefully i do get wiser :)

p/s: your welcome. i think it rocks.

Tharish said...


I feel oldddddd!

sharman said...

i know it feels old. but still, i've been fascinated with the number 23 since young. i can't help but feel some excitement yet old. i'm confused :P

hehehe you take the 23 step first. then i'll ask you how it is :D

la.leche said...

I hope you're kidding me. Guys have the advantage because as they get older, they become more attractive. Plus, most women these days go for men, not boys :)

sharman said...

hahahahaha well i hope i do get more attractive as i grow older then! :D