Sunday, October 04, 2009

How Next?

sometimes i get insanely stressed, i can't sleep.

sometimes i get insanely stressed, i feel like running away.

sometimes i get insanely stressed, i start to eat more than i should.

sometimes i get insanely stressed, my stomach turns into a queasy machine.

and i get insanely stressed everytime i sit for an exam or test. i think i am exam-phobic. or test-allergic. or something like that. because its insane how the insides of my body go out of control during these times. i kinda like studying, but i hate being evaluated.

and its utterly annoying how nervous i get during exams that i start to look like a pea-brain.

-still coping-


TKDaddict said...

hahaha....isnt that just normal ah
the day before my long case i only got like 1 1/2hrs of sleep...was lying in bed n my brain refused to shut off...

savante said...

Deep breaths. You already know what you have read. Make sure you take breaks in between mugging.

sharman said...

tkd: damn annoying when the brain can't shut off even though the lights are off! then start tossing around the bed -.-'' and pray the next day can stay awake during the exam

savante: its just the fear you know. like if i slept now, and didn't read that up and what if THAT comes out, i should have read instead of sleep.

then nervousness on the day itself. i'm wreck! crap!