Monday, October 05, 2009

Through One And Into Another

she said, "it gets from bad to worse, from the last one to the next one. then you wonder, why you even bothered searching".

i don't agree. for me, it had lead me to different paths. each incomparable, they brought me and introduced me to different worlds. neither was better, nor worse for that matter, than the other.

i never could sell you an orange for an apple, they were just unalike. seen, felt and peeled, how do you compare unless you're downright bias for one and not the other.

but more importantly, it was my decision. undeniably, there are times when i refuse to accept my decisions. i wish i could take them back. i wish they weren't so obviously silly. for once said and done, can never be taken back. everything you do and say may be forgiven, but never forgotten. and its an ugly job, not forgetting impossible too, polishing the already scared surface to its once smooth glory days.

plus, if we want to change our mistakes, then shouldn't we also be willing to change our right decisions into the former? life can't all be that good.

i always believe, we are who we make ourselves to be. everything we do, is by choice. we choose to party, we choose study, we choose to commit.

more importantly with choice, comes a decision. things can always go any way from here. its 50-50 by probability if there were only two choices. so you could get it right, and you could get it not so right.

more prominently with decisions, it leads us back to choice. the road less traveled next, or the obvious one? lets try to weigh out the options first before regretting. though i know haste is always the devil on my shoulder, as hard as i try to shake him off. don't you hate him too sometimes?

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