Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Anywhere Also Can

past few days i had been having trouble falling asleep. i don't know whether its because of the stress or any other relevant reason, but definitely it was annoying me. then i remembered...

i used to have this odd habit. i've always slept in a queen sized bed since young. and when i was younger, i used to position my pillows wherever i felt like laying.

sometimes my head would be at the top of the bed (where it should be), and some other times my head would be at the foot of the bed. sometimes i'd sleep across the width instead, though this confirm cannot do now unless i want my legs dangling in the air :P occasionally diagonally too, but don't really like this cause not much area to roll around.

so i decided, why not try this utterly childish thing? so yea, i slept the other way round. where my feet should be, lay my head; and where my head should be, rested my feet. surprisingly, i feel asleep.

actually not surprisingly. i always found sleeping in odd directions more sleep inducing. its like you're sleeping in a new bed. not just because you're laying on a different area of the mattress, but i guess the whole complexity of the fan blowing from a different direction, the "view", surroundings.

tell me, how to find a partner in bed willing to accommodate such antics?

wow. what a load of crap. and you still read all this? i guess i'm not the only with nothing to do. so since you've indulged me this far, share an odd habit of yours, alright?


sometimes i just wanna tell you directly. but i don't think i'm mean like that. instead, i'm gonna quote this very smartly crafted and beautiful worded piece by Azure Antoinette:

"Don't put me in a box

If you must...
Put me in a box of writers, poets, artistic dreamers, patriots for world peace, melodic pavers for prosperity,
If you must,
Put me in a box with no walls, no top, no bottom, just a translucent chamber where I will flourish,
Where I can turn the earth on its ear.

Where I can remind the world that I have a purpose,
That we, the so-called minority, has a purpose.

If you must,
Put me in that space,
But don't put me in a box just based on the colour of,
my face.

It is just a skin hue."

-taken from "box"-


y. 源 said...

i still remember when i was a kid, i used to sleep like a 'prawn'..

try imagine how Muslims pray..

my version is very similar, but with elbows touching the legs..head touching the knees.. ;p

haha..that of course evolved to kicking people beside me..and then now...
bolster and pillows lying all around the room..

sharman said...

hahaha "prawn" very comfortable, just as long nobody sees u! lol...but i understand the kung fu in bed... i think i still do it, but less aggressive...

like i said in the post, how to find partner in bed? hahahahah... kena report abused case i think

y. 源 said...

and the national headline goes:

"Isteri menceraikan suami pada malam perkahwinan, tidak tahan perangai tidur"

haha..worse than snoring..

sharman said...

more like "aksi tidur" ahahahha... confirm you become famous man! whole country will know you! :P

the sad thing is, i don't think there's a cure! damn...

y. 源 said...

haha..ada cure kot..hypnosis..

sharman said...

hmmmm that one temporary relief only... unless u marry a hypnosist la hahaha