Thursday, November 27, 2008

Beneath Us

its a never ending learning journey. since young we're taught about manners, discipline, etiquettes, etc etc by our parents. as we grow older, we lose them.

stuff we're taught as kids, slowly become beneath us for some. as we age, we gain a sense of self, believing we're better than others, slowly infused with a thin wisp of ego that eventually boils to a thick belief of me-myself-and-i.

the other day, i helped an instructor invigilate a mock exam. yerppp, me. (oooo-wow-weeeee!)

so the charts are laminated. and some of us highlight over it to ease our problem solving. what irks me, is the not erasing part.

along the way, we loose what we've learnt. most often than not, we need an outsider to remind us of it, say our teachers, lecturers, instructors or mentors. at an age of defiance, we need someone who towers over us, not physically, to reinstall those lost parts.

back in the exam hall, i just gently reminded them, "please clean the charts".

the obvious reply, "wasn't me that drew. before this already had".

after many attempts, i decided it wasn't gonna work. so i gave up, and went with, "if you've marked the charts, please erase your markings", hoping some self-realization will set in. it fell on deaf ears, but there were a few who obliged. i thanked those who did, sincerely. what i do not get, is why others couldn't. you've pooped, shouldn't you clean it up? i don't think infants are qualified for this course. but behaving like that, does spoil the market, ya know? then it won't look so glamorous either.

what's sickening, is those who mark it, and deny it was their doing, believing that "no one's gonna clean it, why should i?". i think we all can play a tiny part somewhere in this gigantic world. step by step and make a difference? even by lets say, sliding the chairs back under the table?

i'm being too optimistic aren't i? and i'm begining to sound holier-than-thou.

well maybe i am.

then maybe i should not exist as well :P

i've got this uber cool new mouse since my old one decided to dysfunction after many great dota battles. it's rather tiny. but it's filled with coloured lights.
it changes, shining from white-green-yellow-red-purple-blue-green-and lotsa in betweens.
its like a mini disco ball. i can turn off the lights, and have my own clubbing scene.
now everyone can club :)


TKDaddict said...

its cus ppl are so self centered and selfish and oh so freaking LAZY that they cant lift a finger to do anything if it doesnt benefit them....hai sucks but thats to deal with annoying ppl like this...cant be helped...

AdrenaLynn said...

Try working i a school.. you get that every other day... not only from students..but from the teachers as well!

Dilah said...

ouh, i have seen one of those mouse before! =))

Dilah said...

ouh, i have seen one of those mouse before! =))

sharman said...

tkd: yea damn screwed up... these ppl really dont care unless it benefits them... they just ignore and give stupid faces

adrenalynn: i am in a sch, but luckily i dont work there.. im sure they're just as bad..

dilah: hahaha mouse?!