Saturday, January 03, 2009


started with a blur, cause the DJ didn't know the countdown. he started his counts a few mins late and a lil rushed, so when 2009 actually began at GMT+8, we thought we were still in 2008 although my watch kept doubting me. suddenly, 2009 leaped into my life while i scurried for my glass and confetti.

oh well. maybe its just preparing me for the rush ahead. and the unexpectedness that beholds.
i hope one day i won't have to be in your shoes, though i think it is inevitable. and inevitably soon as well. i wonder what will they say? gives me the goosebumps. things won't always be the same. and things wont always be synthetic nor just me and you. situations will always change. the dynamics are countless, unpredictable and beyond control.
i'm 3days late to wish, but HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2009 just began, seriously its gonna be one heck of a journey! may we all get through it...somehow.
cheers with rain drops anyone??? kb's still raining.

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