Monday, November 24, 2008

Goreng Your Pocket

my cuz married an english. recently they were down for deepavali. what's really nice about him, he's very open to the malaysian culture and food. ok, maybe he loves the food to be precise. he'd tell his wife to just stay at home, and he'll take the car out to the mamak near their house in kl.

the other day, he went to the mamak and ordered mee goreng and roti canai. the guy's been in and out of malaysia many times. he's been to mamak a gazilion times.

so when he went to pay for his food, he had a jolly good time with the cashier that tried to cheat him.

him: how much is the food?

cashier: six dollar for one roti canai.

him: no. it says 80cents on the board, why are you charging me six dollars? (he points to the board with a smile)

well if the cashier had any sense at all, he would have blushed to stupidity, but i think he was so low on the stupid-scale, he didn't even know the meaning of tak malu!

even with the recent economy rollercoaster, roti canai isn't gonna shoot up to six dollars a piece. well unless of course you're, lets say 30,000feet in the air? :P


its been raining. hence IMC conditions.

and IMC = no flying

rain is only good for sleep.


Kristie said...

how dishonest!

sharman said...

ya la. its crazy how ppl overcharge... i used to think it didnt really happen as its written in newspaper, till now... money makes ppl go crazy

Dilah said...

hahahah! so noob. nak tipu pun tak tau.

sharman said...

yaaa... but then again he got nothing to lose i guess?