Thursday, October 30, 2008


you were the glimmer in the sand,
in the yards afar,
the tiny speck of dazzle,
that was blinding with attraction.

the back of my hand was all i knew,
not the distance,
not the size,
nor the attraction you aroused.

an empty sheet i owned,
and with it i painted with unconfident brushes,
what i saw,
and what i felt in my own perceptions.

i made a you,
of divine colours and contour,
but mostly i made a you,
you did not understand or approve.

because you were a tiny speck,
i never contemplated the distance,
or understood why you were blinding to my eyes,
i was never good at the guessing game.

play me a tune; maybe i'll sing,
tell me a story; maybe i'll recite,
give me a map; maybe i'll follow,
but not charades cause i'll be wrong.

you are the glimmer in the sand,
with a million footsteps in between,
shining brightly even in the night,
the diamond i can't afford.