Friday, November 14, 2008


"i heard there was a local airline had to do emergency landing. you know about it?", he said.

"no. what's it about? where?", i asked.

"heard the captain couldn't use his controls. the ailerons failed and he couldn't turn. he couldn't bank the aircraft. i'm not sure about it, but heard he had to do emergency landing in Kuching."

"emergency landing???", i raised an eyebrow, but i wasn't the only one.

"ya emergency landing. he was taxying, then couldn't control the aircraft, couldn't turn. then not sure but heard ailerons, or maybe RUDDER wasn't working..."

"how to do emergency landing if he's taxying the aircraft?! he's on the ground!", all of us asked in unison. or close to it.

i remember getting an obnoxious statement similar to this before. contradicting from topic to content, bewildering to say the least. fortunately this time, i had a pretty sound mind to actually stomach the words, unlike before, and get the wrongs fished out from the truth.

its quite fantastic how people can make no sense at all, professionally even. i guess they were just trying to take advantage of the situation, and mask their stupidity with mambo jambo jargons. i don't think its fair to drop professional jargons to the unaccustomed, even though its gonna make you look cool (and professional) although you're actually dim-witted. something stinks, maybe its coming from all the crap in your storage head? hmphhh...

this is the very reason stories twist and turn, flip 180 degrees and slaps you with a backhand.

well anyways, a lot of mushrooms have started sprouting wildly over the skies. its become carpeted with mushrooms overhead here in kb. some even as black as shitake mushrooms. yipes! its unpleasant.

i meant clouds by the way. things are getting misunderstood. better be clear.

last but not least, "everyone wants to fly for the national carrier. at the end of the day, i wanna fly for the BA (british airways)", my dear cousin once said. much to be pondered about. tell me that 2years ago (not the BA part of course), it could've hit homerun. now, it doesn't matter. maybe when the perks are unsatisfactory it'll all make sense. maybe.

food for thought:
everyone of us have an independent way of thought. defensive mechanisms, literacy assault, emotion marathons. i'm still questioning myself. i feel i need to know me first, before i question others, or even let others question me. till now, i can't say i know me. do you know yourself?


Sim Yen said...

Hahahhahaha..among all the aviation stories, that "emergency landing during taxy" is something refreshing..damn..I wonder who is the amazing story teller....

Seriously, I only know myself for the rest, I am still searching for the answer! That's what life is all about to discover more about ourselves and others through experience and time..if i were to know completely about myself now, life won't be meaningful anymore! ;P

sharman said...

damn refreshing? hahaha i guess so in a way... but it just proves that some ppl's words cant be trusted! when he first said emergency landing, it got my attention, then realized it was juts a waste of time -.-''

hmmmm... i guess thats true. life is a journey full of questions, and maybe along the way we'll find the answers of ourselves...but 70% is damn alot! wish i knew that much...

Anonymous said...

it would probably never reach 100%.

questions about ourselves would normally get answered along the way, but new questions would always come. coz as you grow there'll always be new things to discover.

people, situations, everything..they make you see who you are, at the same time probably make you who you are going to be.

people never stop growing and discovering.

like i said, never a hundred percent.

sharman said...

life never ends up wt zero questions does it? its never ending, finding out who you were, then bigger newer questions pop up, and we're back to square one of wondering who we are, and questioning life again.

like now, a question popped into my mind, that the last comment isn't sim yen?

oh well... more questions, more answers to find... He keeps us busy, doesnt He?

Anonymous said...

indeed. busy running around in circles. you'd ask why, but as expected, answers don't come easy.

- an extra friend in kb.

Dilah said...

do i know myself?

hhmm...i'll tell you again once i've done some soul-searching =))

sharman said...

anonymous: busy running, or flying in circles?

dilah: i'll be waiting!

i just find it amusing how ppl can judge others soooo thoroughly, when they dont know themselves as well... thats all...

Anonymous said...

sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to see who you are. sometimes.

flying for you. running, or maybe dancing for me.