Friday, October 24, 2008

Wronged Ears

i was out looking for a place to laminate my map, but couldn't find one. so i ended up entering the bakery nearby with my navigation map in one hand, coz i have a thing for bakeries. i could spend lotsa money, if i had in the first place, buying buns. no not that buns, but buns made out of flour and yeast and baked in an oven.

so while i was searching for cash in my wallet to pay for my goodies, the cashier was admiring my map. then she enquired about it.

she: dapat dari mana tu?

me: ermmm... sekolah.

she: oh... koperasi jual ke?

me: tak de la... *how should i say it*... sekolah kasi.

(at this point, the map was on the counter coz i was in between keeping my wallet, getting my stuff, so she takes it and has a look)

she: ooo... saya cari peta... yang ada lebuh raya.

me: ni ada. yang warna coklat tu jalan raya. tapi peta ni bahagian utara sahaja.

she: you belajar apa?

me: belajar lesen menerbang.

she: ada ke?

me: yep. saya belajar kat kota bahru ni.

she: oh saya tak tau ada sekolah lesen menebang.

(she admires the map, and suddenly a wave of realization washes over her)

she: you kata lesen meNERbang ke meNEbang?

me: *laughs* menerrrrrbang.

she: alamak. i thought you meant lesen tebang pokok.

the pisang goreng lady had an even more colourful imagination. she thought i went all the way to kota bahru to do form6 in an asrama. gosh. what a nightmare of a thought. what was she thinking?!

i went to the post office today. last time i went there, was to post my application to NUS and NTU. a year on, look where am i now. at the other end of the peninsula.

dreams bring you to different paths. funny how situations provoke you to believing you were meant for something else.


Dilah said...

ahhhhh..ohmigod. i went ur blog in my physics lecture and i started laughing reading the 'menebang' part! nasib tak kuat! hehe...

sharman said...

hahaha yeaaa i was shocked myself when she said menebang... my God cant imagine myself walking around wt an axe lol...

hmmm physics lecture and u reading blogs... somebody very naughty! if only u had detention classes :P

Sash said...

i didn't know you had a bakery fetish. :P

did you know Kelvesh LOVES cake? like ANY cake you know...

Oi...come to SEREMBAN LAR!

sharman said...

i HAVE I HAVEEEEE... hahaha seriously kelvesh and cakes? even those cheap ones? lol...

my leave so short... miss home laaaa

Dilah said...

HAHA. WEI. I was darn bored in physics kay.

if you think that reading blogs in physics is naughty, then that would mean i'm always a no-goodie in campus XD

sharman said...

lol... well just to be clear, theres nothing bout physics on my blog :P