Sunday, October 12, 2008

One Book Down

i am done with To Kill A Mockingbird. it was different because of it's language. the english was rather american county styled with the many apostraphy(s) (is that how you spell it?) here and there, making words shorter than they originally were. sometimes it's like a lil game of guessing, making out what it stands for.

nevertheless it was good. it was nice to read something from a kid's point of view. about everything from growing up to rape. i think there are quite a few people in this world who would benefit a lot if they read it. sad to know people act the way they are, but at least some of us have come a great deal from them.

sadder the fact that some people have just refused to change.

Boo Radley was an awesome character. i liked the ending part very much. wish there was more of him though. didn't expect to enjoy the book to that extent, but it turned out good. maybe i should read more classics? or the movie next?

distractions in life. very, very bad.

anyways, been under the weather past few days. the usual bouts of tonsils. sigh. its been dreadful. getting better though. dosing up on vitaminC chewables for the flu hahaha... like a small kid :P

the worst thing about panadol, besides the fact of consuming them, is that you start to sweat a lot after some time. there was one night, i was running a pretty high fever. i knew coz i was feeling cold even in my room with the fan switched off. i fell asleep in my sweater and covered under my blanket, then 2 hours later i woke up drenched in sweat. it felt like i had a shower in my bed with sticky salt water. very uncomfortable.

" Shoot all the bluejays you want,
If you can hit 'em,
But remember,
It's a sin to kill a mockingbird. "
-Harper Lee-


Dilah said...

oohh...not too long ago i wet my bed.

with sweat that is. haha. it was a really bad high fever that lasted a week.

sharman said...

haha same same. its annoying rite? waking up soaking wet like 2/3am... so damn uncomfortable... nak tukar baju, nak mandi... tapi badan letih, nak tidur lagi hahaha

we the bed wetters!

Anonymous said...

Itz nice to noe ur back & recovered... Not sure if u've been checking ur emails but yet to receive any replies... Hope everything's well thou...

"I don't know why we are here,
but I'm pretty sure
that it is not in order
to enjoy ourselves."

- Ludwig Wittgenstein


AdrenaLynn said...

eh wait..are u sure panadol does that??

sharman said...

anonymous: soon...

adrenalynn: it usually does it for me... i think when its really kicking in, like 2 hours after u consume, yr temp goes down n u start feelin normal, except the excess sweatin hahaha...or maybe it was because i was wearin a sweater???