Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Linking Link

if you've noticed, i've added a new blog link, The AirAsia Blog. it just started less than 2 months ago, and its been fun reading posts from both the AirAsians and guests, good and bad.

one of the latest post was about this clip:

i had fun reading it, and it brought a lil smile to my face. there's always something about Yasmin Ahmad's clips and movies. did i fail to mention it was made by her? well, it is. and it was really simple and the message was clear. with a lil 'kritikan sinis', so Pilot Wong please don't get offended.

maybe you guys will think i'm just bias or lame. it just meant something to me. i know there's so much more to come, to expect, i'll accept it when it arrives. and hopefully with open arms :P

truly now everyone can fly,


Sim Yen said...

I read that post by Airasia too awhile ago. What was the movie about actually? Some kinda criticism regarding mas huh? hahahaha..if it really is, i'd love to see that! But the pc here can't download the plug-ins needed for the movie I can't watch it! sigh..

sharman said...

lol no la it wasnt about critism regarding mas. its more of how the company came up, opportunities given, and the story thus far... in between it there was a bit of MAS, from one of the malaysian humanitarian groups, that wasn't very nice to hear hahaha

Sim Yen said...

MAS from one of the Malaysian Humanitarian Groups? Hahahha..that's a good one..I don't deny that though.. :P

sharman said...

yea... MAS: we're busy wt our 2year turnaround plan... (something along those lines)