Saturday, August 30, 2008


I got tagged by Miss Drumma Boi and so here is the game.
Requirement: Write about the age that you wish to go back to, and why.
Tag Mode: 5 bloggers. (I'll just tag a few.)
1st - You link 5 bloggers you want to tag and link their blogs.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc. (Somehow the instructions are pretty weird.)

ok i've been thinking hard about the age i would wanna go back to, and i couldn't really choose a figure. for days i've procrastinated this.

finally just now while having some thinking time on the toilet seat, i came to a consensus with me myself and i, that i'd like to return to the age of 13.

just after i turned 13. coz 13 was also the year you enter highschool, i needed time to settle in. so just after i turn 13 was kinda nice. i knew the school, people, and had a trustable ring of friends. which i am very thankful for coz i still have them.

at 13, school wasn't very heavy? there wasn't any major exams, so mediocre passing marks achieved was sufficient. more than sufficient actually. and subjects weren't that tough as well.

what else what else what else?

at 13, i didn't have much to worry. i think it was pretty care-free. i know it doesn't sound eventful, but i guess 13 had lesser downs compared to the other years.

though 13 didn't have much ups either, but i'd prefer returning to an age where the downs weren't so drastic. so yea.

don't think i started drinking at 13 also :( hahahaha

-the end-

whoever reads this, consider yourself self-tagged. i'm not gonna name drop. too lazy to give. if you read this, have some conscience to do it. coz YOU are TAGGED!

k k sounds so drama ready. maybe coz of my sleeping disorder. past week can't sleep properly. keep waking up early. can't sleep as long as i used to. i'm sleeping less than the average actually.

especially on the weekend! damn!

have a pleasant weekend y'all!


Dilah said...

of course 13 is a nice age for you.. hit PUBERTY! lawl. =p

sharman said...


Dilah said...

aper, tak betul ke? =D

sharman said...

well i was absolutely oblivious to that didnt occur to tat u've mentioned it, it should hv been a reason for me choosing 13! =P