Saturday, September 06, 2008

1st Week Of Sept

i flew GH4 with 16, and finally it was a good sortie with him. things went smoothly and at the end, he wrote "student progressing well" on my report form. after the disastrous screwed up circuit revision, i needed this to feel like i wasn't totally useless.

then flew GH7 with 04, and THANK GOD its fasting month. but it was my best flight with his thus far as well. he is satisfied so far with my performance, not good but satisfactory. will need to improve on accuracy and landings.

which brings me, yesterday i flew with 16 again for instrument flying 1 (IF1), all went well, till the landing. it. was. heavy. like THUMP!

damn malu man. came down from flight he said:

"you're flight today ok. but everytime come down from your flight... buntut sakit!"

damn. back to square one. though he meant it as a joke, and though the winds were kinda strong, but its demoralising laaa... NEED TO IMPROVE!

anyways i flew GH5 solo as well during mid week. everything was well, and 04 told me to do a touch & go if got time. so i came back early, did a touch & go and then landed.

went into flight ops, when i was filling my forms, kena marah: SIAPA SURUH BUAT TOUCH & GO?! terus land la etc etc

hehehe right timing, 04 entered flight ops and suddenly i was treated so nicely. don't play play with 04. his presence can silence you! (and not in a dota kinda way)

then yesterday as well flew my GH6 solo. my bad day:

1) checking aircraft, stall horn didn't have sound.
2) engine couldn't start. but both when engineer came, was solved.
3) request bachok, full. so request to go uban. taxiing to runway, advised uban not suitable for solo. so i change for circuit and landings initially.
4) doing circuits, winds damn strong man, didn't dare land the aircraft so just go around TWICE. didn't dare continue circuits so asked to proceed to bachok again.
5) bachok too many clouds, so stayed at 1500ft. doing turns till boring. because of the friggin clouds, keep gaining/losing height.
6) returning to airfield, reciprocating runway in use. omg.

usually we biasa with runway 10, sekali today changed to 28. i was like WTF! panic panic panic. so tried to continue everything, then they ask extend downwind some more, kena hold late downwind, my circuit pattern damn out man hahaha...

then finally proceed with finals, luckily for the strong headwind so it was quite stable, but i was like:

shyt. i'm gonna crash this aircraft. shyt i'm gonna crash. shyt i'm gonna crash.

but realized it wasn't so bad coz of headwind, then calmed myself down and went instead:

just land it safely. land it safely. you can do it. somehow.

managed to land the aircraft in one piece. note to self: if things don't start out right in the first place, prepare for a bumpy ride.


Dilah said...

you know, reading your blog is like reading an aviation account of a pilot. to-be. =D

sharman said...

hahaha yea in way... im just blogging this even though nobody may wanna know, but it reminds me of my mistakes... logging things so one day i wont forget ;D

Dilah said...

good point there =))

sharman said...

maybe hope to hear more NUS stories??? ;)