Sunday, September 07, 2008


something funny: "we need to see the effort".

heard this line during briefing today. his english is fine. it's just that i realized, today, out of the blue, that effort, sounds a lot like "f word".

so yea. i was laughing to myself. again. as usual.

simple amusements in life. i think i easily amuse myself. what is wrong with me?! at least it's keeping me sane. i try to think so.

something not so funny: it's been a gloomy day. sortie got cancelled coz of weather. is the monsoon really coming in already? it seems like just yesterday the bad weather cleared up, and now it's back.



Sash said...

sharman... the effort / f-word thing... old cerita la.

remember last time.kelvesh wanted to quit taekwando coz the master kept saying use more effort. he thought f-word...he takut d.

how are u?


sharman said...

dunno la...dont remember... it just occured the other day... so yea... :P

hahaha im good. bored most of the time, but otherwise good :D

hahaha u must be enjoying yr time wt the trials la? lol... i dont miss those days =P