Thursday, August 28, 2008

GH 1, 2, 3; Solo 2,3; Cct Revs!

OMFG. its been a tiring week.

been flying with 04 the past four days straight. first time i'm flying with him, and you really gotta do good man.

he is an amazing pilot. hands down. the man can land an aircraft with just the play of the power. can you imagine it? like using two fingers to land a friggin aircraft?!

flying back to back, four days straight is really tiring. preparation, mentally.

i've become a coffee addict. before flight, i'll take approximately 2 black cuppas. and i usually fly in the evening. morning there's another cup! not like i like coffee, but i need to stay awake.

so anyways, we flew GH 1 & 2, and TWO Cct Revs coz i sucked and needed to do my solo circuits before proceeding with the next exercises. i don't think i flew that well, but i think i'm getting it. i think there's much to absorb from this man. i do feel a lil more confident with what i'm doing. i think i'm begining to understand airmanship and captaincy. just a lil bit clearer, its a longgg way to go...

and though everyday is really hell on earth, but the man is awesome during debrief thus far. and to know he thinks i'm safe to go solo (solo 2 & 3 and GH 3), i realize i need to learn more.

its been an amazing day. i almost felt like i didn't want the rain to stop. but instead i flew. and had the bestest day. flyin 1.5hours solo.

next week, i presume, shall be somewhat the same. little by little, i think i can. its exhausting, maybe its just me.

luckily its the weekend. finally. i went to school at 8am, returned only at 9.30pm today. it doesn't help i had many unsleepable times the previous nights... i'm just tired. merdeka. woo. who.

*GH= general handling.
(i know i didnt really type much. excuse me, i'm tired)

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