Saturday, August 02, 2008

Geography Class

(this happened between a friend and someone who used to work in his house)

he: so where are you from?

she: UK.

he (?!): UK? okaaay. which part?

she: LA.

he (now confused): LA as in Los Angeles?

she: yeaaa. Los Angeles, UK.

wtf?! hahahaha... i couldn't stop laughing.


receiving an mms, very normal.

receiving an mms from my grandfather, very odd.
i think my grandfather is too pimped for me ...


Caroline said...

Yo whazzup? blog is now at blogdrive....hahahahahaha..having finals big time...xD

How's you? Been donkey ages since i heard frm

sharman said...

wassup wassup! haiyoo change again?? wats yr new add la??? gimme gimme gimme!

im doin good ;D ya la seldom come online dont c each other online...


Sash said...

what mms did ur grandfather send u?

яuth said...

Not bad la your grandfather. Atleast he knows how to mms unlike mine who just knows how to call & pick up calls ONLY =P

sharman said...

sash: my baru arrived nephews pic

ruth: hahaha teach him la... u got a lotta free time mah :P