Friday, July 25, 2008

The Ball Is Round

and we are never satisfied. we try to think we are, but we're not. there's always that voice under the havoc, wanting for more. taunting you.

we look for flaws, and we pick on it to live. the tiny crack on the wall, the obscure scratch on the handphone, the way you walk and talk. we refuse to accept the fact that something could be perfect if some aspects of it were ignored, so we thrive to find flaws and mistakes and divulge in it to bring yourself some sense of satisfaction.

but at the end of the day, you're never satisfied. the thing you thought was perfect, in the end is not and we're back to square one. unsatisfied, and probably depressed too.

hmmmm... maybe i'm just thinking too much.


Dilah said...

good thing we're all born imperfect;

IMAGINE if we were born perfect, we'll grow out of the perfections and find ourselves boring at the end of the day, still unsatisfied with the already perfect features/characters we have.

so, which one u rather like, be imperfect and unsatisfied, or perfect and still unsatisfied?

sharman said...

wont u prefer a perfect partner rather than an imperfect partner?

i know humans arent perfect, but if they did exist, isn't that what you'd want??