Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sweet Dreams

i have been trying to catch up with the silver screen the past few days. i thought this time around i could catch the incredible hulk in theaters, but unfortunately i had run out of luck. they stopped playing it the day i came back. dang!

and there's been so much rave and good feedback, and i had a lotta anticipation for this new hulk movie. sadly couldn't watch it, looks like its gonna be the dvds.

however i did catch The Dark Knight which was just superb. it lasted like 2.5hours, but it was so damn blardy gewd! the joker was psychotically entertaining. heath really made a good joker, why did he have to die? and there was a special guest appearance by two face, which was really unexpected but i couldn't complained! everything was just good in it. except i really felt i needed to pee hahaha

and christian bale, does he have a short tongue?

i watched Wanted to. the storyline was not so good, but it was a good past time. angelina jolie was hot! i never really thought she was cun, but the first scene she enters with the white dress, she made good of the druggy look. seriously, you might wanna just watch the movie because of her.

internet at home is having some problems, else i would have put up some pics.

anyways, the other night IvanTheTerrible wished me good night, and like a good person i replied "good night. sweet dreams".

ITT: noooooo. i don't want dreams anymoreee...

me: why?

ITT: because i get lost in the dream. i don't want to dream anymore...

hahahaha gosh. really took me by surprised. must have had a nightmare in a maze or something i guess.

before i go, thought i'd share this saying i read, though you people out there are gonna call me a drunkard, but i think its worth sharing (since i'm such a nice person):

"alcohol is the answer. but i don't remember the question".



TKDaddict said...

i'll start..

sharman said...


anywayz, update yr friggin blog laaaaaaaaaa

TKDaddict said...

my blog been dead for 2 yrs aldy lah ..what update somemore u want :)

sharman said...

dont b a lazy ass laaa... update bout melaka la