Friday, July 25, 2008


i've been sitting here surfing the net, flipping through channels to get good music, but to no avail. it happens very often, when you don't get the control of the remote, there's so much on the tube, but when you do actually get the control, there's nothing worth a cent to watch or listen.

so i do the wisest and economical thing, i switch it off, coz the electricity bill needs to be paid every end-of-the-month time.

sometimes i don't give up so easily. i wait for something good to come on, like how i used to wait for the ice cream man.

eager. hopeful. with a whole lot of anticipation.

but the despair and heartache that comes when he doesn't show up, especially if you've saved your school money and waited the whole afternoon for him, is sadder than the tears of a clown.

its like cloud 9 turning to dark clouds. you're lucky charm rusting in the rain.

i know they say good things happen to those who wait, but exactly how do i know for which do i wait upon? its hard to give up waiting if there is some sense of reciprocation, but its also a harder fall if waiting leads you to a dead-end.

i'm not saying i don't wait, but when do we stop from becoming humty dumty?


Dilah said...

well...its a gut feeling. you'll know what are just worth waiting for sharm =)

sharman said...

sometimes my guts dont work so well...haizz a bit unreliable lol