Sunday, February 25, 2007

Night "Expedition"

The question is "Were you asleep?", today I have learnt.

*WARNING! long post*

I remember my father used to tell me how my secondary school used to have some japanese army activity, or something like that. It was very vague, I was too young to bother. Back then, I was still in primary school, and I didn't care about that school.

Recollecting those stories, it awes me now.

Few hours ago as we sat in the mamak exchanging stories, it gave me (and I'm sure the others too) goosebumps. Although I had heard them before, but tonight was different. The conversation was much more lengthy. More in-depth.

It was past experiences, while some through the grapevine. But all centering the secondary school we shared, except for SmuggCop who hails educated brains marinated from across the causeway. That wasn't sarcasm btw.

Back to where I was, there were stories, mostly occuring during the guidance of the night skies, about seeing other forms of existence. Like humans and a cat that kept disappearing. Others about hearing footsteps on the roof of the hall, or even marching clicks at the staircase. Some even saw the field covered perfectly with a clean sheet of mist just before the break of dawn. Wonder whether there would be good phone coverage down there? Anyways, more stories, just no time for it here. Sorry.

So at midnight, someone asked "let's visit DJ?" (DJ being the shortform of the school's name), and I said WHY NOT?! Relying on my answer and voiced opinion, everyone agreed.

But we only left once we cleared our bladder hehehe...

The expedition team: Me, BigD, SmuggCop, AlcoP, Drifter, RRonaldo, SmokerD, and DoubleG.

This would mark my second visit to the school at night, the first being somewhere nearly 2 years ago, but we merely lingered around the carpark coz the gate was locked. This time, excited and scared shit of what MAY or may NOT appear before us, we were replenished with enthusiasm with BigD's comment that the gate had been destroyed by him and a few others.

So we arrived there and parked the cars. Ironically, the night sky overlooking DJ had ALWAYS been a purple shade. We noticed that it was purple everytime we visited it, a freaky conclusion. A purple sky is usually beautiful, but THERE it seemed too freaky. Anyways, we made our way up the stairs to the gate, each giving silly remarks like bashing the guard up if he came, or anyone that gets possessed hahaha...

The gate was locked -_-''

Now the school isn't hard to break into. Throught the back way, there are 3 routes:
1- Unfenced field. But it is in a horrendous state, stepping into it could suck you 6 feet into a self-made grave.
2- Hillside pathway. Usually used by students when the gate is locked. Self-made and surrounded by trees. REJECTED BECAUSE: unseen holes and drains, and you never know what's lingering under those trees. And I don't mean organisms.
3- Over the gate. Climbing over is no prob, but what shit we would get into if we bumped into our not so human counterparts. There were 8 of us, and only 2 could climb at each time. Things could glide our way MUCH faster.

So we ended up at the top of the stairs figuring our way. Arguing and contemplating. We even thought of removing the gate since it was kinda possible, it just needed a lift. DoubleG needed to piss, and kept rushing us to decide. He insist he wouldn't piss unless in a peaceful environment. As if the night was throwing daggers at us =P

The sane-est route was climbing over the gate. Shit. I SOOOO friggin believe the existence of others. We share this place. Just "don't disturb them and they won't disturb you", was what I held on to. But if you had an easy way out for running, why not? ;) Climbing over the gate, not so wise.

BigD came up with the idea of a coin toss. Head's we climb, tails we leave. But RRonaldo wasn't keen on the climbing as was some of the others (including me :P), yet we persisted with the coin toss.

BigD says he tossed it and gets a 'head'. SmokerD says he didn't see him do the toss. And Drifter agrees.

So BigD tosses again, and HEADS! Decision has been made.

When suddenly...

Two cars comes into the parking space and parks beside our cars.

"Got car la. Sekali police ar", AlcoP replies. Couldn't be police la...

Then I see the chequered lining at the doors of the driver's side, and the twin Lego-like blue block on the car.

It friggin' IS police! WTH?

My only theory was that the guard informed them, or the police which is just next to our school, saw suspicious people roaming around DJ.

Maybe they thought we were trespassing. Shit. (I know school got nothing nice to trespass, but hey if the men in blue can earn extra...)

"DAMN! I didn't even bring my wallet la! No money now to give", Drifter quirkily remarks and sniggers, then continues "Nvm, just say we from KL coming to visit our ex-school. Just cool man. We going back to KL tomorrow, no time to come. We miss DJ!".

Those men in blue didn't even bother about us. The other car that came, wasn't a patrol car. Maybe some illegal activities were going on. Or else why they didn't even question us? Not a single word. They just stood in their ring of members.

So they ruined our plans big time. We just drove off as soon as possible. Never trouble trouble, unless trouble troubles you, you know?

Thrilling night, yet anti-climaxed. Damn?


vonblue said...


apala....tot got wad juicy story.haha..

sharman said...

well we also thot got something good...who know so sueh tat night...haizzzz

Dilah said...


is he my man?

sharman said...


some more tat night he wore his police shirt...we had singapore policemen to back us up! hehehe...