Tuesday, February 27, 2007

If You're REALLY Bored

" If it weren't for the Blacks, gays & lesbians. There wouldn't be any Oscars.

In fact, there wouldn't even be a person named Oscar!", Ellen DeGe-something at the Oscar Awards.

Today I was at the lawyer's office alone and I had no work to do. So I made blue corners, and I shall now professionally guide you how to make it too!

Step1: Cut a strip of paper, the width slightly more than the width of a ruler.

Step2: Fold in one end as shown.

Step3: Fold in the other end the same way.

Step4: Cut off the extra paper.

FINISHED! This is how it looks from behind.

This is the front view.

This is the profile view.

At the end of the day, this is how much I made. Quite a lot huh? Hehehe...

SO WHY AM I MAKING IT FOR??? This is what you use it for:

Different colours mean different kind of document. Not sure what it means though hahaha...
However, that's not all you can do with it. Let me demonstrate!
You can play DOMINOES! Artistically looking at it, don't it look like fish bones? Hehehe...

You can build them up!
Ironic thing that happened, usually there are 3 rulers VISIBLY found. But today, only found ONE! Hence, tower very short.
Was I really that bored? YES is the answer.
*all pics were taken with my super-fly 0.3(zero point THREE!) camera phone...still no money yet to upgrade...
Something a bit on the disgusting side. I give you the option of NOT reading.
I made Alicafe at the office to drink yesterday. The instant coffee with Tongkat Ali
(NO I DON'T NEED THE EXTRA SUPPLEMENT FYI! that was all there was to drink)
Few hours later when I went to pee, I realized my piss smelt of ALICAFE!
Euwwww...and weird!
"Semakin tinggi, semakin hodoh"


Caroline said...

Tht must've been a very productive day eh? =P As for the disgusting side....Tongkat Ali?....of all things..=P Nothing wrong with that of course...

sharman said...

VERY productive :P

well a lot of ppl seem to be drinking it...maybe mild tongkat ali kot...hahaha

kristie said...

hahahha guess malaysian guys need to work 'harder' hehehhe not implying u ya sharman... :p

interesting corners! should try that for some of my docs, always have problems organising my docs!

Dilah said...

memang takde keje...

newaes, i once was about to drink this cup of water, which my dad told me at the last nanosecond bfo i sipped, that it was TOngkat ali! i was...turned off and drank a glass of air putih instead.

yech! issit nice?

but does make u stronger. rite??!

*shakes head* said...

part1 >> one word: WADAFUK?!!
part2 >> *slaps forehead* sharman sniffs his piss

sharman said...

kristie: well i hope u not implying yr laogong either hehehe :P...jus joking ya!!!

OMG! u serious ar??? my silly corners post make sense to u??? fuyohhh feel damn proud wei...hahahaha REALLY proud tat it came to use! hehehe

dilah: hehehe the coffee doesnt taste bad la... i mean its been commercially exploited sampai tak bermakna i think...dont even know wats tongkat ali suppose to taste like, but the coffee taste OK laaaaa..bout the stronger, haven't tried hehehe...wait ya wen im 50 u ask me again...or maybe u can ask someone else by den!

*shake head*: part1- I WAS BORED! at least it was time made for useful things :P
part2- the smell went EVERYWHERE laaaa...i dont smell my piss! euwww...its like super *gosh forgot tat chemistry word to say the smell cepat merebak everywhere!*
part3- tidur awal la!

shanz said...

-i told my sis bout the corners, then she tak faham n wanted me to SHOW her, so i terpaksa ikut the umm instructions u posted, n actually MADE corners!! lol.

-got such chemistry word ar? alamak.

-i wasnt sleepy, how to tidur la? sleeping pills pun takde.

-semakin tinggi semakin hodoh? apasal pulak?

vonblue said...


sharman said...

to shanz
- WHYYYY yr sis even WANTS to know what it is???
XP XP XP THIS POST WAS ACTUALLY USEFUL!!! muahahaha...omggg so crap yet useful hahahaha

-GOTTT...*now im gonna sound like a geek* its the equilibrium chapter, volatile or something?

-told u right, exercise n sweat and go to sleep all sticky n wet! lol

-one of my teacher said tat -_-''

vonblue: *laughs back at u*
btw, just gave kai sheng (or however u spell his name) yr number..his been wanting it since LAST year. he must hv gone insane redi...wantin yr number all...shessshhh

shanz said...

OHYA!! volatile! hahaha.
results nex week eh?

-_-|| ish teruknye yr teacher..

ohya, visha baru re-confirmed that ure weird. LOL! XD

shanz said...

ohya! (another 'ohya') did i tell u my sch ada pokok tongkat ali? haha kelakar la..aphrodisiac..in SCH!

sharman said...

hehe i teachin u pulak chem...results tak tau lagi lor...dowanna know yet hahaha

my teacher, well she said "kesian awek kau...kena pandang muka u ni"...TATS even worse kan? haahaha

n wadaya mean re-confirmed...she had doubts ke??? sheeshhh...

yr sch a lot of mati pucuk ppl. so they give free supply of tongkat ali HAHAHAHHAHAA