Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fire-ry Fire-ry Night

Hello to blue-minded Yvonne and Vinitha for visiting this site!


It's nice to play, nice to see.

Just don't be stupid, and hurt yourself. Of course, don't need to be so jakun either.

The other night, while everyone else were either busy burning off hundreds of ringgit worth of fireworks or watching the air display, stood this bunch of grown-ups with a small plastic bag.

They were at the other end of the street, directly opposite my house. Anywayz, my family and I were out in the porch watching the display, when we noticed the bunch hurrying so excitedly.

"WAAAAAH!", one exclaimed happily.

Another snapped and clicked with his mobile phone to the "sight".

The "sight" on the road, was a spinning gasing.

You know the "gasing" firework. The one you light up and it spins around on the floor for less than 10 seconds with sparks? Yep, THAT one.

They were so into that spinning thing. First timers I guess. Oggling, maybe drooling too. Hehehe...


This reminds me of something that happened pretty long ago. There were a big bunch of kids(including me) in my neighbour's house. And the stack of fireworks were laid on the floor. All in a BIG plastic bag.

And I foolishly lit a gasing and it went spinning its way to the stack of fireworks! HAHAHAHA...

More gasings started spinning, bumble bees went off, mercun ayam went clucking away, coloured flames around! Not forgetting indulging smoke!

*still laughs*

Luckily not ALL the fireworks went to waste though. Hehehehe...

And last time it wasn't so funny to me hahahaha...

Malu-malu kucing katanya tentangku,
Apatah lagi kalau perihalkan dia!


kristie said...

what's ur email add sharman...

Caroline said...!!

Go try! and yeah, fireworks are fun, but not when neighbours are blasting off fireworks when I'm about to sleep! Lol..=P

sharman said...


caroline: i did till level4 of tat web, but since i wasnt at home and i was on dial-up connection, it took like forever to load! today too tired, tmrw i'll try...thx for the add tho!! looks interesting hehehe..

Anonymous said...

malu malu kambing

Caroline said...

Lol, i say do you have msn? Can i just add u or sth?=P

sharman said...

yea sure thing, add me up with my hotmail address as stated above ;D

vonblue said...

aku bukan blue-minded yvonne!!!!!!:P

sharman said...

well SOMETHUNG like tat :P :P :P