Sunday, February 04, 2007

Just A Worry

I was not surprised when you did not reply my text at such an odd hour. You must have had a long day. You must have been tired. I did not persist much further, you needed rest.

I was taken aback, into a confused state of many questions when you did not reply my text again. Those repetitive words jumbled into one text over and over again, sent one after another, would have certainly sent your hp on a ringing marathon. At a time of day when you would most definitely be awake, aware, and messing around, I was getting to a point of uneasiness.

Why wasn't there a response?

Why wasn't I getting on your nerves?

Why weren't there any messenges venting out some anger my way?

This was unusual. Did I do something wrong?

So I rang you up, and what a warm welcome I received! Obviously I wasn't expecting this. You rarely sent me into this direction. The smooth and calm voice that received me were not pleasant nor welcoming to my ears. I am used to, and absolutely look forward to the hyper yet slightly secretive voice of yours. This indeed was a change:

" I'm sorry. The number you have dialed could not be reached... "

Maybe you were on the line. So I waited and called you back after a few more minutes.

Still the same reply I got.

Worried. Please forgive me for my sickeningly stupid wild irritating sense of imagination. I somehow have the ability to look at things from the unwanted view at uncalled times. I do not intend to, but it just happens. Something of a sub-conscious act. If you only could read my mind, you would understand the melancholic thoughts that devulge my mind.

I really don't know where these thoughts stem from. Or even why I am capable of thinking of such. Its just friggin' weird. And scary. Not just this time, but many times before. I freak myself out. Even when its such a miniscule misintepretation. My OWN misintepretation at that.

But you have no idea how much that singular word text messenge meant. Everything began to resemble the normal vivid life I thought I had lost grasp with. Just that one word made me feel so much better.

Just that one word that rhymed with yellow and fellow and bellow...


hellow. said...

*hugz* sorry ya :)

sharman said...

naaahhh its alrite! ;D

since everything's alright now...

harshe said...

Hi. Just bloghopping. I m in the same situation rite now. *sobs*

sharman said...

what happen?

harshe said...

No response from someone. It's been almost a week.

sharman said...

how bout popping by their place?