Monday, February 05, 2007

Hormonal Problem?

Yarriba arriba,
Por ti sere' por ti sere'
Yo no soy marinero
Yo no soy marinero
Soy capitan,
Soy capitan,
Para bailar la bamba!

I just watched La Bamba over the weekend ;D

A few days back while I was still in Seremban, cuz Sash starts talking about her theory on Raven's (from "That's So Raven" on Disney) weight yoyo-ing problem.

Sash: Look at this part. She was thin! Now look at her, put on so much weight ready. Think she got hormonal problem la. That's why she gain so much weight and look so big.

Then the day after we saw one of our other female cousin, and I went:

"Hmmmm she looks so different now. Bigger la. Maybe she also got hormonal problem!"

*said with a trying-to-be-smart tone*

Sash rolled her eyes and went "haiyoooooo!".

Then the following day, she starts bout my pimple outbreak. How once my face was clearer than hers, but no anymore. And I replied, with scrutinized eyes:

"Maybe I've got hormonal problems!"

...which she got very benggang hahahahahaha and went: NOW EVERYTHING ALSO HORMONAL PROBLEM LA?!

No no I don't mean the SAME kind of hormonal problem like Raven or my female cousin. But doesn't hormones cause pimples too? Or did I read wrong? Lol.

NOW, I'm just wondering. My dog, a bitch, she's been having terrible fur loss. Maybe she has got .....


Just switched my blogging account to using my gmail account last night. Much easier to navigate stuff now without the html codes. Was just wondering, if anyone knows, does this easier-to-navigate-without-html_mind_boggling system work on other skins, ie NOT the free skins by blogger too? Please inform me, save me the time finding out myself right.

Added a few new addictive links on the sidebar:
- Caroline: USED-TO-BE frequent blog updater. (notice the USED-TO-BE carol?)
- craSy Yvonne: loud bashing self proclaimed princess but actually a monsta OBSESSED with the colour blue and her hubby. She is also secretly in love with me.
- Janice: blogger with an unfathomable mind for unforseen remarks and reactions. Writes to make a buck. Most importantly, my cousin.
- SriChantique: blogger from across the causeway, with an amazing penchant for writing. Like cooking your own food, worth every second of your life.

The others there on the addictive list, don't need much introduction, are well established bloggers. *laughs*

Added a reader counter at the foot of the blog. Number still very small though hahahaha. So I'm gonna frequent this page much more hahahahahaha

Oh last but not least, cuz Yujin intro-ed me to Miss Swan on youtube. And OMG its so friggin' hilarious! To me.

Its very idiotic kinda humour which I don't think would be SIL's taste of bonkers, that kinda thing, but after watching a few of it, I'm pretty hooked!

Youtube her and see for yourself if its your kinda prick.


Anonymous said...

hormonal probs eh? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............

AdrenaLynn said...

Indeed idiotic slapstick humour..some bits are kinda funny but yeah not something I dig.
I like watching "Everybody Hates Chris" though..hehe

hormonal problems huh.... hmmmmmmmmm.....

sharman said...

hahaha kidding la bout the hormonal thing...

heard that everybody hates chris is good from reviews, damn tv never put also!

except 8tv, but that channel the programmes very weird...

hehehhe MISS SWAN is GEWD! lol

Dilah said...

coming to innova? pls tell me asap aite? tanx..

sharman said...

still not confirmed...sorry for the un-asap-ness!

maaf maaf maaf...

vonblue said...

eh i am a princess and hey,forgetting things aren't u?its U secretly in love with me. :P

sharman said...

you're a craSy princess reigning a place of monstas la...heheheh

and no, i know CLEARLY you're the one secretly in love with can i ever forget my peminatz :P