Wednesday, February 07, 2007

School Tales

One night I learnt the meaning of 'transvestite'. I got excited with such new knowledge. I HAD to annoy d-o-double-G with the word the very next day at school.

So I asked him: Hey are you a transvestite?

d-o-double-G: What is that?

I repeated: Are you a transvestite?

d-o-double-G: What's a transvestite in the FIRST place?

Me: Just answer yes or no. So are you a transvestite?

d-o-double-G: Tell me first what it means?! (irritation growing bigger)

Me: Just answer yes or no la.

Well, you get the picture. The conversation just went on like that. I was bent on annoying him that day. He was getting frustrated with every same question I posed. I gleamed. Excited with my successful achievement of annoying him.

The day continued, and he began to ignore me. My existence. But do you think I cared? I went on and on and on.

"Are you a transvestite?"


"OI! You're a transvestite or not? ANSWER LA."

Finally I had enough fun with him. And I decided to let him know the meaning. But not so easy. He'd have to find out from a third person. Of course he didn't agree, but through my persuasion he finally agreed, when I managed to convince him it was a good word. Nothing obscene. Yea right.

Oh, did I tell you, he'd have to ask our english teacher what it meant? The teacher, let's call her Watermelon, for quite the handle-full reason. She was every bit a woman. The way she walked, the way she annoyingly blinked her eyes, the way she talked.

Oh yes, the way she looked as well. Put it simple, there were guys crazy enough to join the Swimming Club, in the unimaginitive hope of seeing her in a bikini. Or something close to that.

NOT ME! She was a good teacher. And that's just gross. Back then, she was almost twice my age. And I knew how to respect teachers.

Come on, they're teachers! Euwwwww....

Anyway it was so friggin' funny. d-o-double-G said: Teacher, are you a transvestite? (with such a straight face, and me from the other end of the class, turning red with laughter. Like now, as I remisnisce this memory.)

Watermelon just stared at him, eye brow raised, eyes blinking wickedly. He thought he was in deep shyt.

Watermelon: WHAT?! Why you asking this question? Why...What...Do you even KNOW the meaning of transvestite?!

Aaaaah all eyes on me. d-o-double-G let her in on what was going on. Got called over to her table.

Hehe good thing she didn't explode. ( Not literally. Although that would have been possible :P )

So d-o-double-G learnt a new word that day. Thanks to me.

I'm like a mobile educator aren't I?

-the end-

*transvestite: A person who dresses and acts in a style or manner traditionally associated with the opposite sex.

Thanks to SmarterChild for the definition.


TKDaddict said...

dammm naughty ah u in school!!!
and i thought my lil cousin was a goood boy....

Dilah said...


Dilah said...

oh btw, drummer boi sed u can drive. reali arh? fuyoo.

BUT if you coming IJC then u take bus better so wont get lost. He will direct you where to go on that day if you come.

(and 1 tix reserved for you)

lemme know by fri aite?

AdrenaLynn said...

Eh sharman..u going innova ah??? Then you better come by the house leh..haha.. Its need some cleaning.....haha

sharman said...

tkd: well atta, i'm sure you weren't all that good in sch...or even now :P

dilah: yea can drive. but dont dare to drive in sg tho, the traffic lights are scary! might langgar loadz of ppl...

aihh dont think can come this weekend la dil..class never change time, or at least they didnt inform me...

adrenalynn: SUPPOSED to go innova but nampaknya tak jadi...u go funfair, be a youth once again hehehehe...

about the cleaning, well there's ruben muahahaha

AdrenaLynn said...

"be a youth once again" ..what u mena... em an still pass off as a youth lor..haha pass me a school uniform and i'll prove it..haha!! but dun want the m'sia baju kurung ones leh..ok

sharman said...

i mean what i said. the truth.

aaaaah look young frm the outside, but we know you're not really that young anywayz :P hehehhe