Thursday, November 30, 2006

His Dance

She danced in the sunlight,
Building dreams among the clouds,
Playfully but unknowingly,
Painting dreams for him as well.
She danced in the sunlight,
While he admired her from afar,
Admiring her gentle gaze,
Till each stroke of her hair.

She danced through the garden,
Undoubtedly more serene and scenic,
As compared to any or all,
The many layers and layers of hues.
She danced through the garden,
His admiration piqued even more,
But to only a faded leaf,
Was worthy of his comparison.

She danced through the crowd,
Truly willful yet graceful,
Maintaining her groomed poised,
Even in the shed of uproar.
She danced through the crowd,
With him a mere spectator,
Or even a random peasant,
Of consented age to be forgotten.

She danced in the moonlight,
Mindlessly and endlessly,
Shredding her unwarranted skin,
Stars gazing upon her beautiful soul.
She danced in the moonlight,
As he made his existence known,
Empowered with bravery,

He took his first step to embracement.

She dances everwhere,
Now she dances with him.


:) said...


cheryl said...

im so jealous...u r so good in words!

sharman said...

:) : :)

cheryl : thankyuuu...dont b jealous sure u can do it too! jia you!!!

Caroline said...

Yo...nice blog! Wish i had the time...mwahahhaa....i finish earlier than you for STPM!! kelebihan kelebihan berada dalam kelas BIOLOGI! mwahahhaa..=) Sorry, i couldn't help but go mad awhile...the stress can really get to you...=P

sharman said...

omg u are SOOOOOOOOOO very berry cruel!!!!!!! i know la i have to suffer a few extra days, dont have to snub u know? already suffering enough!!!

hahahaa yea i know about the stress too...worst-est ever stress experienced! dang, chem2 n phy2 to go...lucky u... *rolls eye*

Caroline said...


sharman said...

hehee yes yes finally over!!!!